Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer

Thanks Pat (btw, my email replies are bouncing).

I loved the reboot, genius casting and heart tugging moments for old blokes like me. This new one is where the new Trek will stand on it’s own or not. Can’t wait.

3 thoughts on “Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer”

  1. The trailers not really giving too much away, everyone is in there apart from Checkov,an obvious love interest and a baddie who does great voice-overs .It’s not Khan then?

  2. Aye, and the Enterprise underwater? As long as they don’t destroy it, they kept doing that in the old movies, makes it look like a rubbish spaceship.

  3. That’s a few times I’ve heard that it could be Kahn prequel… I’ve high hopes for this. I thought they did a really good job with the last one. Enough of the original to keep old fans happy and enough of an update to bring in the new.

    I’ve almost finished downloading the entire TNG (dammn it’s a big file!) and watch a few from series one already. It’s funny how dated and keech it is. I don’t remember it being so bad or that there were so many “space wizards” to have as baddies! I’m sure it must get better once I’m a few seasons in.

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