Stanley Vacuum Bottle

It’s a flask surely? No, it’s a Stanley Vacuum bottle.

I did wonder about this one, I actually wanted to test Stanley’s new stainless water bottle with the leak-proof sports cap, but none were available, so with a shrug I went for this instead. I took out out on the Ben Vane trip last week and now I know why it’s not a flask.
Flasks are well insulated, when you unscrew them and look inside, the smaller ones are usually only a little wider than the neck, all that space is the vaccum er, “filled” gap. On the Stanley bottle, the vacuum gap is much less, closer to my Snow Peak twin-wall titanium mug than a regular flask. This does a few things, the overall size looks like a regular mini-flask, but the capacity is much greater at 472ml, but it will cool quicker with less of a gap to the outside world. In the freezing temperatures last Sunday I got hot cuppas four hours after filling it.
I reckon it’s a good trade off for day trips, more beverage is no hardship. And whether you believe Stanley’s 6-hour hot cuppas deadline or my own 4-hour winter test result, it’s plenty I think, any further out than that I’ll be packing the stove anyway.
A wee happy accident this one, a nice bit of kit.

2 thoughts on “Stanley Vacuum Bottle”

  1. “stainless water bottle with the leak-proof sports cap”.

    That I’d like to see… we have an H2Onya bottle here with sportscap with no air valve (you suck water, then find the bottle is vacuumed to your face. Not good) and a couple of Klean Kanteens which make a weird noise through the venting valve, and can also leak comprehensively if the valve isn’t seated right. Best way seems to just ‘crack’ the seal on the cap before drinking and tighten afterwards.

  2. Aye, exactly why I wanted to see one. I’ll keep in comms with them and hopefully get one later on. Due out next spring I think.

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