Stand and Deliver

It’s not enough that they’re watching our every move but they want to give the electric eyes Mad Max baddie hairstyles to try and intimidate us as well.

I miss old cinemas. I miss ice cream girls and supporting features and knowing you had see the movie because it would be years before it turned up on the telly. I don’t miss smoking in cinemas mind you. Back in the 80’s, just where that yellow digger is was the big theatre where smoking was to one side and passive smoking was to the other. The air conditioning tried its best but looking across from the passive side you could see the line where the atmosphere changed like there was a gauze curtain down the centre aisle trapping half the audience in a grey soup which when lit by the flickering screen looked like something from a horror movie, especially when someone stumbled along the row of seats looking for a toilet looking every inch like an approaching zombie.
It’s sad to see the long-closed Glasgow ODEON finally being torn down. I saw Star Wars here in ’77, saw a press screening of Terminator 2 (who knew Arnie was going to be the goodie?), saw a mate and his girlfriend split up over the course of the visit, ate countless hotdogs and even spent one entire day in the cinema for a dare, going to a different movie at every showing for something like 14 hours. It was brilliant.
Bless you and thanks for everything.

Holly is asking questions and rightly so. Answering them isn’t always straight forward, I will never lie to her, but I have to explain the truth in terms that are fair to her but will not throw her forward to times and realities that will come to her all too soon anyway. I will make her as ready as I can, but I will defend her childhood with my life.
But, it does give me a very enlightening perspective on life, indeed, on my own life. To explain the bigger questions I have to strip things down to their basic elements and suddenly I’m seeing things in ways I haven’t seen them in a long time and it’s done me a lot of good.
I believe what I believe why? Habit or conviction? Answer a child’s question truthfully and you put yourself under the spotlight as much as you’re passing on information.

We went to Helensburgh for chips on Wednesday night and then a walk on the waterfront to burn them back off which didn’t go as planned, a cold wind, random children attaching themselves to us and a gull dropping a crab at us from 40 feet above had us running back to the motor. We went left and ended up passing through Arrochar to see the demolition of the torpedo base which is now going to be some kind leisurey thing. Good, it was a manky hole for all its curiosity value. We carried on to the event car park down the far side of Loch Long, somewhere that not many folk know about and that gives you quick access to the tracks high on the hillside.
Off we went across the parapet-less bridge which Holly pointed at and shouted “Health and safety!” to much chuckling from us. It was cool but calm, dusk was wrapping around us, but we playing with sticks, watched for bears and trekked towards Argyll’s Putting Green. I got a good workout carrying the shortest of our party back to the motor on my shoulders as it was “too dark to walk”. Aye, so it was.

Black Sabbath tickets went on general sale on Friday. Standing tickets sold out quick and by Friday evening standing tickets were for sale on GetMeIn for ridiculous amounts of money, some listed at £500+. Hopefully no one will ever pay this amount, but is just shows you how wrong the ticketing system is to make this kind of extortion possible. That the GetMeIn website and others like it exist at all makes me seethe, that people need nothing more than an internet connection and a credit card to make money by buying the tickets that fans wanted to buy just to go to the gig makes my knuckles white.
Only talent and hard work deserve reward.
Tickets should be done away with, we should have something else, mobile card readers at the venue doors or something to prevent reselling and touting.

4 thoughts on “Stand and Deliver”

  1. just about every single cinema i went to as a kid in the seventies and eightes has been torn down , to be replaced by generic multiplexes…. smaller screens… no wonder more people stay home and watch movies from their big screen tv’s…
    i remember going to see a re release of laurence of arabia in one of the big cinemas. the embassy in wellington where the lord of the rings and hobbit premieres are screened,,
    it was unreal. arabia. larger than life sprawled across acres of screen…. those cinemas are a rarity now aslas

  2. Multiplexes are fast food cinema.
    I suppose with more screens in theory you can see a wider range of films, but years back there more cinemas with more seats in each, so are we really better off sitting in front of a screen the same size as the poster advertising the movie in the foyer?

  3. It’s been a while since I was in but I like the Grosvenor cinema in Ashton lane. The seats are pretty comfy, it’s got couches up the back and you can have a beer etc too…It’s almost exactly like being at home!

  4. Without the threat of the phone ringing half way through the movie and offering you loft insulation or help to reclaim your PPI.

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