Squeak Squeak Squeak

When the rain comes on, I think it clouds as many minds as it does car windscreens.
There were wrecked cars strewn across the A82 this morning behind us after the braking distance and visibility was apparently not the same as it had been when the road was dry the day before. The motorway on the way to Cumbria today had sections that were smooth gloss finish from verge to center barrier the rainwater was lying so thick, and yet folk were sailing through it with ever increasing speed and misplaced confidence. I wonder how much more cautious we’d all be if we were driving go-carts at 70mph on a three lane motorway surrounded by 18 wheelers. Nothing like the threat of imminent death to curtail your enthusiasm and keep the concentration up.
More worrying is that that the passenger foot-well now has a debris field that’s level with the seat, and it actually ebbs and flows when I drive like it’s got a tidal cycle or it’s breathing. That can’t be healthy.

11 thoughts on “Squeak Squeak Squeak”

  1. It’s the ID badge of the building trade… my passenger footwell can contain anything from broken pens to odd socks. Anything on the seat tends to end up there at some point due to swerve avoidence techniques and emergency stops. Have a good day lads.

  2. Aye, my jacket always end up floating in the footwell refuse due to traffic related sudden movement. I hate having to fish the phone out of it though…

  3. Could be worse. As my van is a converted Transporter the spare wheel lives behind the rear seats and occassionally breaks free of its straps and appears by the gear lever – most un-nerving!

    Anyway, you seem to have been having fun whilst I’ve been off line the past few weeks – here’s to it lasting for us all…

  4. I had a 1973 Volvo estate where a thottle inkage used to jump off when I went over big bumps and leave me powerless. Oddly enough often on the A82 by Loch Lomond, it was a quick-fix to put it back on, but always just a little inconvenient!

    On here? Ach, same as always :o)

  5. I also have an extending crumple zone around my midriff…

    Beth, don’t mention that, Bobinson is always lamenting the sale of his Landy!

  6. I’ve only ever had Fiestas. First one got killed by a student who shunted me into someone else. Second one was sent to the knackers before it broke down in the middle of nowhere. Third one got assaulted by another vehicle and a few months later (after the insurance had all been wrapped up) was retired hurt. Finn is still going strong at 8 years old and 70k.

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