Spring back action

That’s my view of the outdoors right now, that wee patch of light. It’s good stuff though, I’ve still kinda got everything you’d expect. Above I have obstacles to negotiate to reach my ultimate goal. Including numerous cuppas along the way to make me late.
Below I have the night lights I enjoy at camp, the moon, the stars, a tent glowing warmly pitched just below the summit, looks just the same I think?

The view from the tent when you unzip the fly in the morning always brings a grin, and Ben Lomond through a gap in the ducting above is exactly the same sort of thing if you screw your eyes up just a little.
Opening the boot of the motor when I get back is like looking into the depths of an old skip, so I’ve even got that below. Actually it looks more like a scene from Silent Hill. So, that’s a win/win.

15 thoughts on “Spring back action”

  1. Now that’s a glass half full attitude, well done.
    I’m properly claustrophobic (I can’t even do lifts) so I’d have had a panic attack in them ducts.

  2. Sitting in this office some days feels like being stuck in those ducts. Good to see you’re staying positive.
    I’m surprised you’re not in Friedrichshafen.

  3. The job’s going well I think, I’m having a half day so that’s a good sign.

    Friedrichshafen? Aye, had my usual invites to barbecues, meetings, press lunches/launches etc
    It’s a lot of hassle going though, and as freelancer I either have to pay for the trip myself or affiliate with a brand while I’m there to get a freebie, neither really works out.
    However, I’ll be seeing all the stuff relevant to the UK over the next few weeks.
    Gear will be back, in spades too :o)

  4. Hi Pete – been a while but good to see you’re earning a penny or two. Been some varied stuff lately (I’ve been lurking still) and it was proper nice to see Holly enjoying the hills – family is great sometimes.
    Might as well ask here I guess… I need poles. Any recommendations? I was thinking those Fizan ones, saw Elaina has BD Trail Compacts. Got me a couple of tarps to go with my couple of dodgy knees, hence the needing poles.
    I also have two needy feet – did my socks get lost in the post or has it been a bit too hectic fella? :-)

  5. Hi mrchewy. As it happens MoS and I went and did a bivi last weekend, on top of Y Garn (the Nantlle ridge one) – I took the Fizan Ultralight Compact poles and rigged up a lean-to with an Alpkit Rig (just like they show on the product page on their website). It stayed rock solid all night despite there being quite a blow at times. (We also took the MK Trail Blazes in case I wanted to rig up any lifters but in the end I didn’t bother).

    I like the Fizans for general use and I’d certainly trust them for tarping again.

    Btw, a good steer the other day on F&T selling off those TN tarps :)

  6. Aye Matt – didn’t realise what a bargain they actually were… glad I bought both! :-$

    Tarped at Wimbledon and use a long brolly and a short folded up one successfully enough but I think poles will be needed long term anyway. Walking the Jurassic coast with Tim in a couple of weeks and the plan is to tarp on the beach, so need to get sorted. Fizan is def fave.

    BTW – the Jetboil will be going with me, it’s just so unfussy, which should be great with a bivy. I have plenty of choice but I’m taking that. 3 of those 2g TN pegs keep it balanced and on sand even that wont be an issue.

  7. Yeah, I’m quite tempted by the new Jetboil Sol – I’ve wondered about them for a long time and I could imagine it getting use beyond just bivi-ing.

    I always keep a few of those 2g pegs in my kit.

  8. First the socks! I had to wait and age for all the addresses to come in, which they did two weeks ago and I haven’t had time to get to the post office since :o)
    My santa sack full of padded envelopes will go out on Monday.

    Poles, aye, the Fizan’s are great. They’re light but as tough as “regular” models, I reckon the missing bits like the plastic section covers just look superfluous now. Keep them clean though, the tolerances between the sections are nice and tight, on mine at least.

    I don’t think I’ve even been sent a duff set of poles, production verrsions anyway, I had some preproduction turn into a handful of spare parts on one trip a couple of years back.
    Leki Micro Sticks coming up, a cross berween Black Diamonds and Trail Blaze, short packing and beefy. Like quality sausages.

  9. Arggggh!

    For about the ame money, I can buy the Fizans, the MK Trail Blaze OR the new Leki Micros.

    Fizans are the middle option, the MKs the light option and the Lekis… well, heavy but look and feel pretty unbreakable to me. They are perfect except the weight but in winter I guess that will be a bonus. Sorta got the best of all words except lightness. But then I may as well get the BDs cheaper. It’s confusing!

    No worries on the sock front dude… I just never won out before and I’m excited haha. Nice blog on the harmonica front, same one as I’m gonna buy myself for my birthday this year.

  10. Do the Leki Micros have any adjustability? The Trail Blazes don’t, which imo makes them less versatile for tarping – I only took them along to support lifters, whereas the Fizan’s as main supports would let me raise or lower the profile of the tarp easily.

    Btw, I’ve used my Fizan’s through two winters now – no problem at all with the light weight, and there’s a great choice of baskets available for them.

  11. The Leki’s are adjustable in that you can take up the slack as the cord stretches, but they’re fixed length. Come in three sizes I think?
    A bit heavier as they’ve built in a few “failsafes” for folk using this design for the first time because it’s got Leki printed on it and they’ll trust it.
    Another trip with them and I’ll do a write up.

    Matt’s right about the baskets, I’ve had about three different brands on mine. Thinking about it, the Fizans are usually what I take if I don’t pack the Trail Blaze.

    Which all reminds me, I really have to write up the Komperdells. Jeez.

  12. So it’s the Fizans then I guess. No where near here stocks them and I’d ideally like a hold of one first. Ne’er mind.

    Ta lads.

  13. I lie – theoutdoorshop has some in stock, so I may head over there on Saturday and have a nose. They have The Leki Micros in too…

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