Spooky Spoon versus the Problem Blob

My running has been a very start/stop affair these past few years. In fact in the last year or more it hasn’t even been on the radar.
But I was asked in an offer I couldn’t refuse way to do a wee local race, so I’ve been on the bike a bit just to let the heart and lungs know what was coming, and tonight I did my first proper attempt at running in a long time.
Phil came along, looking annoying fresh after his fine performance in the Etape Caledonia last weekend and we skipped up the trails through the Kilpatrick Hills.
It was a brisk walk to the top where the pace picked up just in time to stave off hypothermia from the bitter wind, and although I was a little nervous about the whole thing, once I got going it was okay, in fact it was fun. We broke the pace up with some walking here and there, fartlek/interval style, by necessity more than design, but my recovery times weren’t depressing. To be honest I was expecting breathing difficulties and puking all over myself, so anything above that is a win really. It was great teamed with Phil for this, it helped my confidence and kept the pace just right, solo I’d have been all over the place and all tears and snotters.
I know I was slow, I know I’m starting at the bottom yet again, but the freedom of the trails at speed with just a bumbag and a t-shirt is just magic and I felt that more keenly this time that any of my other abortive attempts in recent times.
We’ll see what happens, I’m a little tender here and there as I sit on the couch with a fresh cuppa, but the big test will be what my knee does tomorrow morning when I get out of bed. I’ll either have an excuse or not.

18 thoughts on “Spooky Spoon versus the Problem Blob”

  1. Ach, you’ve started now, so I reckon you’ll finish! ;O)

    I got suckered into doing some Lakeland Trail Races a few years ago. I hadn’t run since a knee problem back in ’87, and I never actually trained – just turned up and did the first one, a 13 miler, inside the 2&1/2 hour cut-off time. I did a few more for 2 or 3 years, from 15km to 24km, never with any training, and they were FUN, especially the downhills (you get past all the road runners on those bits :)

    But the social side died out and I’ve not done any for a couple of years now – I reckon that’s my running career over.

  2. Best of luck with the running. Used to do marathons & mountain marathons. I somehow think however that my lycra days are over. As was pointed out a barrage balloon wearing a condom isn’t a pretty sight.

    Stick with it kid it’ll get easier:)

  3. If my knee doesn’t balloon overnight I’ll keep at it, it’s a fun thing, plus a fit thing I suppose.
    Racing? I dunno, I get asked to race all the time and manage to body swerve it. This wee one should be a one off!?

    Lycra? Don’t, I’ll look like a haggis they threw in the reject bucket.

  4. I can’t wait for the Slipknot episode of Glee. The Motorhead episode even?

    I’ll have to wear a tighter t-shirt though, my chest hair was being plucked at by my relaxed fit top tonight!
    I know, too much information.

  5. Speaking of running, a friend has recently done the WHW, running with his dog (think it took him a little longer due as his dog has recently recovered from illness than his usual 30 mile per day average)

  6. So can you move? Did you try and get out of bed and fall to the floor? I only ask as that was my previous experience of running. However, last month when I ventured out for the first time in years as preparation for my Lyke Wake Walk double cross in a few weeks I took things steady like you – it made such a difference rather than rushing off and collapsing in a heap round the corner. As you said the fact I can get even just half an hour in after the little ones are in bed without any preparation means a lot.
    Must say thought I’m glad I’m not the only one doing unintentional intervals…

  7. Vorlich, straight to the top of the class for spotting that!

    Ant, I think running with a dog would end me, those wee furry buggers are way to speedy.

    More-On, the day has gone well. Thighs are a bit tight, but the knee is good, quite relieved.
    I’ll keep at it, I’ll see if the intervals get longer or shorter…

  8. Spill the beans – whats the race then? Kilpatricks hill race? Thats a cracking wee race if it is – I should be there.

  9. Plenty of opportunity to try out outdoor kit there.
    I can recommend the TNF Agility shorts and Patagonia Nine Trails shorts for chafe free running.
    Icebreaker Tech Ts will solve the chest problem.

  10. Was thinking about the TNF Flight Series stuff, so that’s good news.
    I’m going to try a bunch of t-shirts, I can see me ending up in merino!

  11. Go for it Pete!

    Time to dig out the PTC performance plimsoles.

    Is the picture you on the starting blocks or with post run cramp?


  12. Back out tomorrow, was working all weekend and energy was low.
    Looking forward too it.

    Might try the Hoka’s…

  13. Oingy boingy!

    Thats definitely the key, enjoying it and not getting too hung up on times, results and distances. I often have the most fun on recces, alone or with friends and rambling runs with the hound.

    You could try mountain marathons. Higher walking to running ratio, plus you get to have a lie down and a nice cuppa tea at the halfway point.

    All the best

  14. Fun’s where it’s at, I like trail running in the rain, misery on a backpack, buit in a windshirt with a warm shower just down the road it’s magic :o)

    Part of my motivation to get going again is all the race invites, so you never know :o)

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