5 thoughts on “Spare a thought”

  1. Holly was just watching the ceremony on the telly and sat with her blankie for the two minutes silence “To remember the brave soldiers”.
    Never fails to make me proud does that girl.

  2. Had our two minutes silence on the summit of Beinn Chaorach this morning.Got there early and froze our arses off until 11 :-)

  3. She takes it all quite seriously, seen all her greatgrandparents medals and photies and tries to understand what it was all about. Can’t keep her in a box I suppose, so helping her to understand stuff like this is something I’ll have to tackle.

    Nice morning to be out you two, saw some frost and sun early on as I spend the whole day making up a quotation for a contract.

    Still, just had a mini Irn Bru, so I’m happy enough.

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