South Glen Shiel Ridge Kit

This was the first really big test for the Big Agnes kit, the Three Wire Bivy, the Zirkel down bag and the Two Track Mat. The Bivy’s tiny footprint saved my neck on the ridge, it pitched easy, the bag lofted fine, getting the mat into the bag is simple, getting the bag and mat combo into the bivy was interesting. I’ll maybe inflate it inside the Bivy next time…

However in use it’s really rather good. The stability and secure feeling of the mat/bag combo is remarkable. No slipping off the mat and getting cold, and no issue moving inside the bag either. I was warm and comfortable all night at 1010m. The Bivy also impressed. The pole supported hood is stable and spacious (all my kit fitted in, only my empty OMM Mountain Mover stayed outside, bungeed to a pole). The zips were easy to find and use, it’s roomy and getting in and out is okay as well. The most notable thing here though, is that there was no condensation on the inside of the Bivy in the morning at all. That makes it a winner, the eVent fabric works a treat. Cooking outside is the only issue I can see with it, but in the weather you see below it didn’t really come up… 

There will be more tales to be told featuring this kit I’m sure.

Other newness getting it’s first big day out included the Haglöfs Rugged Mountain Pants. The comfort, free leg movement, thigh vents and pockets big enough to take a 700ml Camelbak bottle converted me instantly. The arse crampon was used on several occasions and there’s not a mark on the fabric so far. Great pants, again I see them looming greatly in my future.

Other stuff was as standard, the Icebug Speeds aquitted themselves well, only hating the hundreds of miles of tarmac on the way back to the motor. My Markill Peak Ignition stove seemed to be very thirsty this time out, but I might have had a half full gas, so I’ll reserve judgment for now.

I had other stuff I’m sure, and when I finally unpack it and have an overwhelmingly positive or negative reaction to a particular item I’ll spill the beans.

Apart from the skinny poles obviously…

6 thoughts on “South Glen Shiel Ridge Kit”

  1. I like the look of those Rugged Mountain Pants. Even the name’s great; not just Mountain Pants but Rugged Mountain Pants :o)
    Where/when might one purchase a pair?

  2. They’re due for shipping about now, so they’ll probably get listed or stuck on the racks when all the stores clear their sale stock.
    They’re in the dark greeny colour I’ve got and the “Light Mole” grey that GT has in Trail. I really like them, sturdy but no rubbing at seams on the waist or the like which I was half expecting. I slept in them on Tuesday night without trouble as well :o)
    Craigdon in Perth might your best bet for getting a look at them? I shall make enquiries…

  3. Ive been thinking of getting some poles, will these skinny ones be worth the wait? Are they going to be expensive? Ive been looking at the Alpkit ones, any others worth a look?

  4. The skinny poles are great, but they’re probably a bit away from production yet.
    I’ve got a pair of carbon PacerPoles coming soon, it’ll be nice to see what they’re like.

    I know I’m supposed to hate Alpkit, but their poles are pretty good. Light, and pack down quite short. Not a bad option.

    I hate antishock in a pole though. Good if you have entirely fused and imobile wrists, elbow and shoulders of course…:o)

  5. I have the Alpkit carbons – they’re good but don’t pack all that short, but light if they spend some of the time on your pack instead of in your hands.
    But I’ve coveted Pacer Poles for years – except for the weight, and I’ve used a borrowed pair a couple of times so I know they work well. Yesterday I finally succumbed to a pair of the 3-piece carbon ones :)
    They feel great, pack down a little shorter than the Alpkits, even with the weird handles, and weigh in around 500g the pair rather than Alpkit’s 400g, but then they’re poles to be USED, not just carried!

  6. Interesting about the Pacers being shorter packing, I wasn’t expecting that. I had a mental picture of carrying a pair of flagpoles around :o) 500g is pretty good.

    I might get shot for saying this, but the skinny poles come in at 100g each…

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