I’ve mentioned Sole insoles briefly as all Haglöfs footwear now comes with them installed, but Sole has a wide range of insoles and more and I’ve got some in for test.

The heat moldable insoles in the Haglöfs footwear are a customised Softec Regular, and in for test I have the Softec Ultra (black insoles above) which is a little thicker and will suit a couple of higher volume pairs of shoes I have on test. Also I have the Slim Sport (light grey insoles above) which will fit into lower volume bike and trail shoes.
The arch position is spot on for me which makes them very usable, but I haven’t done any of the heat molding yet, so I’ll report back on that along with some long term test results. I’ll swap them about between shoes and activities and report back in a while.
Insoles divide opinion, I call it as I see it and I liked the Montrail heat-mold-able Enduro Soles before the heels started to collapse due to dodgy design, but I found Superfeet to be an assault on my appendages. First use of the Sole’s in the Haglöfs Escape Ventilators went very well and I know my feet well enough these days to know what to watch for on future trips.

Below we have Sports Flips. Based on the contours of a Sole insole, they’re a basic sandal with with rubber forefoot and heel inserts on the outsole for grip. It’s designed to stay on your foot without the toe clenching that keeps flip-flops on sweaty beach-feet worldwide. I’ve got a pair in for test which will see some “leisure” use at first and then we’ll see. Sole say they’ll work on the trail…

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  1. Could of done with them on holiday !
    Might get a pair for going to Oz at the end of the year !
    Need to run an idea past you re Australia you up for cuppas next week ?

  2. Timely. I’ve been thinking about getting insoles for my (high volume) 390’s for a while. I shall order some this very day. And maybe a pair of those black, Ninja, flip flops.

  3. I’ve been going to buy these for ages (insoles). It seems i’m an overpronator which causes bad knee pain. Got the blue Superfeet – no difference in the pain on the hills! Which ones for boots? the Softec Ultra?

  4. It is interesting the way that different insoles fit, and fit different people: I’ve tried Superfeet, Montrail Enduro and recently the Sole insoles. I’ve used Superfeet the most and get on fine with them, but they don’t offer any forefoot coushioning (granted, not an essential) and there is one pair of shoes they wouldn’t work in (I think because of the flex point and relative position of the junction between the solid and flexible underside of the insole).
    Compared with Superfeet I have found the Montrails can be initially incomfortable because of the higher arch (or its position/shape), but soon get used to this. I like the way they take up a good impression of your foot, which can only help maintain a secure fit and would use them more if they did not raise the heel so much (which caused a problem with heel lift in at least one pair of shoes I have tried). The Soles (as per Haglofs issue) seem a little closer to the Montrails, with fiarly obvious arch support (at least for my feet), and seem to take up the impression of your feet a little more slowly (I didn’t bother with the pre-heating).
    Either way, they all do a job much better than the floppy foam insoles provided with most footwear; I find it is all about trying different combinations and finding the best option for each individual footwear

  5. bobinson, yes.

    Kev, good call. The volume reduction works for me in the Haglofs Trail 2 Mids and the new spec Montrail Hardrock Mids.

    holdfast, it is a scary though, will we see these on a summit… ?

    ange77, the Ultra’s are pretty thick, try them first. The red ones are the “regulars” in the top photie and are the same thickness as the green ones that Haglofs use. The grey’s have the same arch and heel cup but will make very little difference.
    It’ll depend on the footwear, and the feet in them!

    rp610, well said!

  6. Green Welly stocking the regular Softecs, Esccape Route on the cards for doing hopefully all 3 thicknesses.

  7. I never said they’d work on a trail! Should be a strapped version along next year.

  8. I know! Kris from Sole UK is happy to wear them on walks, so that immediately means I want to try it too…

    I think a full strapped version would be great. I’ve walked in sandals in times previous and as holdfast’s link shows, there are pitfalls, by hey, a few miles’ll be fine?!?

  9. Hey Gang, Kris from SOLE UK here.

    Loving the banter and the images!

    I just want to clarify the topic of “Sandals and Summits”. This was definitely not one of my recommendations, unless of course, you’re a Sherpa. lol

    In an effort to put the Flips to the test I have played 18 holes of golf (walking and carrying clubs). The result was putting my golf shoes away for the rest of the season because I was so much more comfortable in my flips, and getting consistently straight drives too! I walk up to 10 miles every weekend around London, and I always feel refreshed and comfortable (body and soles). I wouldn’t think twice about taking them camping, but certainly not on a hike. I’ll wait for the strapped version, which we hope to have next year.

    rp610: I just wanted to mention that the arch is highest when not heated. We designed it that way to accommodate all foot types. So, if you find it feels like a golf ball under your arch, simply heat them up and mould then again. You can heat them up to 6 times, each time will bring the arch slightly lower to ensure a comfortable fit for your unique foot.

    You’ll also notice that we haven’t reinforced the arch underneath, this is to allow the foot to be supported, but still function naturally. As well, this ensures the footbed isn’t changing the flex pattern of the footwear.

    The moulding will ensure 100% of the base of your foot is in contact with the footbed, therefore increasing your balance and stability (through increased sensory information from foot to brain), and displacing your weight evenly (which helps reduce the onset of fatigue, and minimizes hot points and blisters). So, you should find your fore foot feels more cushioned.

    I hope this doesn’t come across as “sales-speak”…I’m simply trying to explain the how’s and why’s of a product I’m passionate about, and wear every day.

  10. Hi Kris

    I’ve been in another set of Soles the past two days, this time in Haglofs Crag trail shoes. Very different to the last use “straight out of the box” in the Haglofs ventilators, I’m going to heat these a second time to tweak them a little for the Crags as they’re a stiffer shoe.
    That adapatability is important.
    Updates coming along!

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