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  1. Aye, exactly.

    The advert annoys me and I can’t quite put my finger on why. Maybe it doesn’t seem right to have the planes depicted like that, shot down and rotting. They were the stars of childhood tales from my grandads, both of whom were in the RAF in WW2.

    I keep wondering what the battleship is as well. If I found that out it would probably annoy me too.

    Very nicely done advert though.

  2. My Grandad flew Lancasters in the war, I used to have a t-shirt when i was little saying just that! He wouldn’t have liked the Smirnoff advert either, “Bloody Jerrys made that advert!” he would have screamed at the telly, puce faced and shaking his stick. He won a medal too for pulling some aircrew out of a burning plane on a runway but he wouldn’t go to the dentist because he was scared of the pain. What a legend.

  3. Your Grandad reminds me of my Old Grandad, they put their necks on the line so we can walk the hills free and bring our kids up in a free land…….kind of reminds me of how much I owe them in my carefree forties and how many of their mates never got to my age……..Any way I’m going to read some Spike Milligan, “don’t mention the War” …As if I would.

  4. My Grandad was in the Merchant Navy, he got a medal in Russia. The story I was told was one night they were in port and the whole town was p****d (Smirnof?) when there was an air raid. My Grandad manned some machine guns as noe one else was capable.

  5. I got some tales of the merchant navy as an apprentice, so many of the guys reaching retirement in the early 80s were ex forces.
    One wee old guy was a Spitfire pilot, one was a POW, one drove a tank on D-Day and one was a merchant seaman.
    Hi ship got torpedoed and the survivors were stranded, can’t remember where, but when the ship sank their wages were stopped and they had to work a passage home. Unsung heroes indeed.

  6. See, that’s why I find reading your blog a thrill, because it’s an education, it’s about life, not just hills.

    I never saw the advert in that light when I viewed it – yes, I recognised the spitfire etc, but I just thought, what a great way to illustrate pure filtered water (albeit, used to distil vodka) by depicting all the man-made crap being “filtered” from the ocean – I am easily amazed.

    My favourite ad at the moment has to be the current Irn-Bru one which celebrates it’s Scottishness by gently poking fun at the very same …

    “…if you can call yer lunch dinner and yer dinner tea …”

  7. I huvnae seen that one yet. I shall head over to YouTube and see if it’s there.

    Educational you say? Steady on!

  8. You’re right, no bad, but not a true classic – see, now you put the youtube link in – I had to go and watch it and then, of course, some of the classic ones such as the snowman parody – no comparison really – as good as the original coke/pepsi parodies of the 80’s/90’s?

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