I saw Slayer were doing a farewell tour. Getting used to seeing that now as the bands of my youth get old, lose interest or members and make albums that no one buys or wants to hear at the shows.
I first saw them in ’86 and then plenty more times over the next few years then sporadically after that as they changed drummers and made what felt like recycled music. Maybe other stuff was just more appealing at the time.
I saw the reformed original line up a few years back and they were as good as ever, but I never really stuck to them again.

However, Gus said, want a Slayer ticket for Glasgow? Well, okay.

Best decision I’ve made in a while.

Missed Autopsy and Anthrax (haven’t seen either since the 90s, Monday night traffic, early show etc) but Lamb of God were surprisingly good, they had the full light show and played at headliner volume.
The singer had been driven to Glen Coe the day before on a break in the dates and now loves our wee country he says.

Slayer upped the ante though. Jeez. Taped intro and lights projected on a screen followed by endless pyro, glorious lighting and the loudest PA I’ve heard at an indoor venue for, I don’t know, for ever? Motorhead at the Barras in ’84 maybe?
I know it’s only two of the original four members (one deceased, one in the huff), but it was just epic. I’d forgotten just how intense Slayer can be but also that there’s moments of subtlety scattered through the waves of mayhem that let you catch your breath so they can crush you again.

I absolutely loved it. My ears were trashed, my knees were gone and my voice still isn’t back. It was an 80s metal show from start to stop.
The old CD’s are out and new ones have been bought, this was in the nick of time, I nearly missed it. Thanks Gus.

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