6 thoughts on “Sitting on my arse in the sun.”

  1. I climbed Beinn Dubh above Luss yesterday. When I left the car park, before eight, the mist was drifting over the Loch. As I climbed the mist rose with me gradually spreading up Glen Luss and finally settled about 1200ft.
    From the top you could see a blanket of cloud extending right out to the Clyde.
    I took about a hundred photos.

  2. A nice cloud inversion and brocken spectre on countryfile last night. The ranger had been working outdoors for 30 years and never experienced a brocken spectre before.

  3. Fatwalker, I was looking down that way and the Loch looked magic. A day for the camera for sure!

    It was a day for brocken spectres yesterday too Coops, got one ropey photie of it and that was it, too desperate to get onto the ridgeline.

    I’ll get some more stuff up on here later.

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