Silent Movie

I was cursed by feeble camera batteries on this trip, but blessed by wonderful scenery and great company. I’ve got so much to show and tell from this one, but I’ve got to brush up the work part first as the trip has completely changed what my feature is saying. That’s why I love the outdoors, you can’t predict or presume, you can only go and see what happens.

From a point north of Conival it’s a sweep around the skyline from Ben More Assynt to Suilven to Quinag to our magic campsite below. The grinning stoopid at the end is of course unavoidable.

10 thoughts on “Silent Movie”

  1. Nothing wrong with showing your appreciation of the place ;-)
    After a day of health and safety refresher training this was the ideal tonic (the gin is at home…).

  2. “health and safety refresher training” …yes, we at the HSE believe that you should all be kept in indivual airtight, levitating boxes, we must isolate the cause of the accident (you) from the area of the accident (where you are).

    It was great, it looked like this the next day…

    Assynt is still moving

  3. Was talking to Mike about that interview, he seemed pleased with it.
    I’ve got so much info from him one way or another, including the whole history of the race and Karrimor now on file.
    He’s still full of ideas and enthusiasm too. Watch this space.

  4. Aha, it looks like you finally made it up Conival then? :)

    We’re sitting in Ullapool right now and heading further north for the coming week – weather forecast is sounding hopeful… it’s been a bit windy in the Cairngorms for the week just gone!

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