Silence is Golden (hour)

We were both at work, hadn’t seen each other all week and were passing the road to the crags at exactly the same time but in opposite directions.

So it would have been rude, nay a tragedy even if we hadn’t made time for a cuppa and just a wee bit of time together in our special place.

Make time we did, McDonalds coffee, which by the way are just as nice as other ostensibly fancy nonsense four times the price and I’m a coffee snob mind and a wee walk in the evening light.

But oh, what light it was. I only had my phone, but I don’t think it mattered. It was glorious, the warm low light, the sky, the leaves blanketed ground, the cool evening air and of course the company.
The most golden of hours.

But then it was to work. I was grinning wide though, wide I tell you.

PS, bless this phone and the careless thumbs it has to contend with.

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