Sigg SteelWorks 800ml Big Mouth Bottle

A while back I was all taken by the Klean Kanteen bottles, and their stainless steel has proved a fine friend indeed. But. that fold on the lip of the KK’s that you can’t clean properly has always niggled me a little, so I’ve been watching for someone to improve on it.
Sigg have  further expanded their SteelWorks range and now have the Big Mouth Bottle, an 800ml equivalent to the KK’s. Both bottles are the same diameter and have similar heights, the Sigg is slightly lighter at 206g but the tops are very different. The Sigg has the thread on the outside and with a smooth profile keeping it clean will be easy, the lid then fits over the threads so the bottle can be filled to the very top without spilling the contents when you screw it on. The lid is in the Sigg retro style, a chunky grippable affair with a metal loop for easy handling.
The material is the now expected food-grade stainless steel, no chemicals or coatings other than the nice purple on the outside (other colours are available…), and it should last forever. I don’t mind carrying a heavier bottle, I like the solidity of it, and a wide mouth one like both types mentioned will take a stuffing with snow if it needs be.
I like the design and the capacity and shape are great for rucksack bottle pockets. I’ll see if the niceness extend to use beyond thye front door shortly. They don’t seem to be available in the UK yet though.
In other news, Sigg’s magic wee vintage bottles now have two different skull designs, an ace of spades and a star amongst other things. Alright!

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