I can’t remember the last time i wore shorts on a big hill day, and I don’t think I’ve ever worn them when I was wild camping. Since the 70’s anyway. 
The thought of wearing a short sleeved t-shirt on an overnighter was regularly dismissed until last week proved it to be a mighty fine option given the right conditions, and during last winter I regularly wore a Chocolate Fish merino vest as my first layer as well, so I’m contradicting myself a bit here if you wanted to be very pedantic.
But shorts, as nice as they might be I think I’ll have trouble overcoming the mental block there. But on a bike it’s different, I’m happy in shorts even though I pick up the occasional tick from riding through long grass. And it’s ticks that are part of why I like to stick to long trousers, luckily legs vents are the saviour of that situation and even in the boxed-in super heat we found in the glen was bearable.

Last week I saw more than one person in shorts and wearing full length gaiters and boots, now try as I might, I just don’t get that one. Surely that has to be hotter than long trousers and trail shoes? Is that a tick prevention routine?
There were folks in short shorts and boots, that’s kind of one from the top row and one from the bottom row, but nothing in-between. Which is a bit like me, the lightest footwear and heaviest pants I saw over the whole trip.
And, what about Pelloby there with her long sleeve merino base layer and shorts combo, yet another option.
Anyway, I may become open to the idea shorts should I find some baggy enough and with big pockets.
But, I shall say no to zip-offs. I had a bad experience with them as a child.

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  1. Oh Pelloby! Denim chafes!

    I find wearing shorts one of the best ways to keep cool on hot summer days.

    Best ones I ever found were Patagonia Sol Patrols a really good baggy fit, deep pockets light as a feather and dry so fast.

    I have also moved over to the dark-side recently and bought a pair of lightweight Mammut zip-offs…

    As for ticks, I’ve never had a problem with them. Maybe if I get one in the future I’ll change my mind about shorts but for now they’re a warm weather necessity.

  2. Those Patagonia shorts look about right, and Patagonia pants fit me. I’ll have a shufty in Footprints during the week I think. I’ll try not to end up in Haglofs shorts, but I’m guaranteeing nothing…
    I’ve nothing against zip-offs, I just can’t get a pair that I like. I want the old pair I had about a million years ago from Nomad!

    It’s okay, Pelloby is wearing test shorts in Schoeller er, “Denimdynamic”.

  3. Aye shorts are great at this time of year. Have a dandy pair of Montane Terra Trails (which double up as MTB shorts, with the montane undershort). Plenty pockets, and good stretchy bits. Good for climbing too.

  4. I like the look of the Haglofs Zodiac shorts too.

    Although having now read up on ticks I am looking to buy a good tick removal tool! Any suggestions?

  5. I always wear shorts if it not cold! never worn them with gaiters though.

    i tend to buy zip of trousers so that i have the option, current faves are my montane terra converts, i have a couple of pairs and they are great as trousers or shorts!!

    i also quite like my north face paramount converts but more as shorts that trousers.

    those haglofs ones in your other post look great, might have to try some of those, shame they dont have legs that attach to them ;o)

  6. holdfast, nah, I’ve been looking at the wee plastic removers too. It’s been a couple of years since I had a tick, and they’ve been embedded too, nasty.
    I always have bedtime check at camp, just in case ones crept in a gap somewhere.

    Moggy, I’d have those Haglofs shorts in a second, but I’m trying not to set my heart on them in case they don’t make it into production!

  7. I love shorts. Give them a try, it’s amazing how cold it can get before your legs start to feel it. Backpackinglight do the tick removal tools for about four quid.

  8. ok if those are the only womens shorts available (above) i’ll stick with trousers. too many problems that go along with denim hotpants… Sunburn! :-)

  9. sbrt, I was thinking I was needing a new look, moustaches hmm….

    audiophile, true, I’m used to that on the bike. I’ll be looking into it during the week.

    ange, it’s either sunburn or a huge bloody tube of sunblock!

    I’ve met denim shorted folk on the hill many times over the years. There was one girl I met on the Loch Earnside Ben Vorlich back in ’96 that springs to mind… Anyway, shorts, yes.

  10. This topic wasn’t just an excuse to post another photie from your fave website now, ptc, was it? ;-)
    Shorts – can’t wear ’em cos I have to keep out of the sun, and backs of legs are particularly vulnerable. Never had a tick since I handed in my last essay at college ;-)

  11. This post is a clevery crafted amalgamation of resources…

    Ah, that last remark reminds me of the world of “underlined in red biro”, a world which I have now re-entered it seems.

  12. come on chaps ! & chapsesses
    Shorts are gid ! been wearing them since April !
    Ticts and stuff yes you need to be aware but its the freedom

  13. No you wouldn’t, it’s hot dry heat (or should be). You can cope with much hotter temps in the Mediterranean climate. Loverly :-) Though not the heavy manual labour in temps of 40+ in the late 80s in Italy.

  14. I used to wear a pair of Speedo (dinnae laugh) swim shorts during the warmer months. Black, quick drying, built-in mesh “briefs”, pockets; they were marvellous. Eventually wore them oot.

    Ticks tho’. More of a worry these days.

  15. Evening

    Shorts – Mountain Hardwear were the biz here for me with Convertible Pack Pants (discontinued), and Fusion Stretch Shorts (brilliant, discontinued… :(
    Those new Haglofs jobs for 2010 look very like the Fusions, so I’ll wait….
    Why does all the good stuff get discontinued anyway, grrr?!!

    Ticks, you really, really, really can’t beat the little green plastic Otom Tick Twister. Buy one, now! No, buy two!! :))

  16. I like the look of that one.

    Although, removing it from your beard and releasing it onto your hand as per the instructions wouldn’t be my first choice of a resolution to the incident :o)

  17. “but its the freedom”… trying so hard not to post that Bobinson really doesn’t need freedom within his shorts! ;-)

    Took the legs off my Montane Terra Converts doing the Yorkshire Three Peaks last weekend and got the worst sunburn ever! Couldn’t walk for days!! Next time will eitehr be keeping my pasty whites hidden under the troos or apply sun burn before I start the walk instead of applying it a third of the way through it!

  18. Ooh, nasty.
    I’ve been very diligent with the sunblock so far this year.
    I have a large ginger streak which crisps easily.

  19. Had the shorts on all last week, till I did some weeding in the garden Thurs night & got eaten alive, without realising.

    Woke up on Friday looking like a plague victim and I’ve been a big itchy irritable mess every day since – the bites on my face calmed down by Sunday, so I could at least get out for supplies, but the rest: forearms; knee to toe (sandals were worn as well); and lower back, right along the waistline; are finally easing off today – strewth!

    But hey, that’s the wearer’s fault not the shorts – shorts are good, if used sensibly.

  20. I feel your pain.

    I’ll never forget getting skinned alive by midges a few years back when the chain broke on the bike. I couldn’t wear trousers for days. As a heating engineer that does limit your opportunities.

  21. I have a pair of MHW convertible pack pants, which occasionally get an outing. They are understated enough to look ‘normal’ in a pub or hotel, so were taken on a longish backpacking trip to complement a pair of Paramo troos (legs off mode when too hot for Paramo, legs on mode for leaning against the bar).

    Ticks are the devil’s arachnids. I had to dig one out of my ‘gentleman’s tackle’ on the aforementioned backpacking trip. A memory to bring a tear to the eye.

  22. Ah shorts. I tend to avoid them for anything but running where I wear a bunch of different designs (short shorts included).

    Despite this I have an excellent pair of trail running shorts by Sugoi, called the Mobil Surf that I reckon would make a good crossover. Long knee length baggy things, made to look like board shorts, but designed for running. As such they’re really very light with great mobility and breathability. Come with two jean style pockets up front and a back holster style pocket that’ll take a few gels etc.

    They’re fantastic (as indeed is a lot of Sugoi stuff), especially if you prefer to run in longer shorts.

    I seem to operate on a speed to leg coverage ratio. Short shorts and it’s fast and not very far. Trekking and it’s troos.

  23. Sugoi kit’s great right enough.

    I was out last night on high camp in lighweight softshell panst and bobinson had on his shorts. We both won and we both lost at different times.
    The thinking goes on…

    A tick on the baws? Aw man…

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