Shooting round corners

Apparently I haven’t been looking through my windae. The last thing I remember was the setting sun blinding everyone in the room and now it’s setting out of sight again in its summer position. How the hell did I miss that transition? Anyway: “Return of the Windae“.

Beautiful evening tonight, I know people who are in tents right now, good call I think. The highlight of my own day though was a box of Scottish Jerky that I caught the postie with on my way out. I have mostly been eating the Smoky flavour today, I’d forgotten just how good  it was compared to the plastic/gristle/salt combinations under the name of jerky available from supermarkets and garages. 
Now I think about it, another highlight was the bloke in front of me at the trade counter where we buy all our pipe and fittings. It’s a Glasgow family firm, as with all things, support your independents. Anyway, as I goes in the boss greets me with a “Mornin’ Pedro” and a wry smile as he works with the existing customer. He was looking for some fittings to match up unmatchable pipework, basically 22mm copper and the tiny rubber tube used to connect water gauges onto the test points on pipework. The horrific lash-up put together as I watched was no different to me that seeing someone wire-up a time bomb. It’s going into some kebab joint to feed gas into some cooking apparatus or other. I wish I knew which one so I don’t go in it while it’s connected. Or park near it. Ever.
Corgi? Gas Safe? 20+ years I’ve paid for it so they can scrutinise me and ignore the real danger.

On a lighter note, a surprise package arrived yesterday which had me grinning from beard to ear. If you miss the Karrimor Alpiniste fleece, ME’s Ultrafleece, think the current fleece hoodies are in the wrong fabrics or have ridiculous pockets, then Montane are about to save your day when winter comes again at the end of the year. In for an exclusive test is the Montane Fury Jacket, a slim-fit technical hoody in powerdry and light powerstrech, two high pockets and some genius detailing.

18 thoughts on “Shooting round corners”

  1. The windae is mighty, and the lights in the buildings were smudged slightly via Photieshop so a sniper can’t triangulate onto me at night.

    The Macpac? A bit average mayhap.

  2. I’m sat in an ME Ultrafleece top right now. Great stuff that, Mardale still do Karisma fleece stuff, but you probably know that anyway pal. Found a place with some Montrail streaks in size 8. Don’t know if thats your size but here’s the link.

    Which insoles do you think are the better ones Montrail Enduro or Sole. Got montrails but considering the Sole Ultras any thoughts?

  3. Bugger, I’m a 9.

    I use both Sole’s and Enduro’s right now after I left my Sole’s dryting out in the workshop. The Enduro’s were handy and as good as ever.
    They are pretty different though, the arch position and shape being the thing I notice the most. hard to say what you’d find going to the Sole’s. Feet are funny things!

  4. Cheers. I’ll remember that size if i come across anymore, but not much left anywhere as i have been delving over the weekend. The options for me are looking like the mountain masochist as thats all i can find size 7.5 wise, but i like the look of the lacing system tbh, less faffy.

  5. Had my Masochists on the other day, nice shoes. Feel very different to the Streaks, more racey I’d say where the Straeks are more distance maybe?
    Talking last week about Montrail to some folk in the trade, there are indeed no Montrail people left at all, the new shoes are Columbia-designed.

  6. Thats a real shame about the Montrail people. Its happened to me in the past. A bigger company takes you over and its see you later, and they bring their own staff in. I just hope somebody else starts selling them in the UK. Keep us posted as there’s us two who will buy a few pairs anyway. Is there anyone elses soles you could compare to the gryptonite compound. I’ve got innov8’s but way too soft for me tbh, feel every stone.

  7. The fit of different brands makes the feel of the shoe too different. I’d say Salomon fit with Innov8 soles patterns would be the best for me after Montrail, but I’m not going to get that :o)
    Just spent two days in the rain in leaky Montrail mids as the fit me better than anything else…

  8. Its wonderfully abusive this really, they’re impossible to find, the line up changes with bewildering speed, the fit seems to randomly vary between models and may even have got tweaked recently.

    But somehow…..

    Hitch and hike might have some badrocks in 7.5 ( their online store is a bit primitive still!). Going by my Hardrocks, very cushioned, tougher sole than Streaks (so a little less grip but very little wear after ~150 miles inc a fair proportion of road) etc. Oh and a subtly different fit. Sigh.

  9. They confused me :) Rockridges I meant! They do seem quite well suited to England with all the roads/trails that get thrown at our poor feet….
    (and nearly = badrocks.).

  10. Ebay looks like a good bet if you know your size, a few from the past couple of seasons on there.
    Annoyingly has plenty too.

    I should have stockpiled better.

  11. Them AT Plus look really good for walking in. Going to try an get an old workmate to pick us a pair up when he is next over the water. Its the sizes i am unsure about though. Do you know the duty on em if you got em from a US shop?

  12. If you get caught you get import duty and VAT over the value or something daft, £38 it used to be, so on shoes it shouildn’t be too bad. Chances are you’ll just end up paying a regular UK price in total.
    Worth it for comfy feet if the size is right!

  13. Maschocists/Badrocks showing up in Snow and Rock now, which I guess gives some confidence that the drought is over :)

  14. Alright!

    You know there’s a lot of fondness for the brand in the trade. Several times I’ve heard the past three days “Great brand, lovely folk, great shoes, what a shame”

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