Shatner Rocks

William Shatner (if you don’t know who he is don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out) is releasing an album of rock/metal songs called Seeking Major Tom (or it could be Searching for Major Tom, depending on where you read about it, but Amazon are going with Seeking for the pre-order) next month. His version of Sabbath’s Iron Man is streaming at the bottom of this page here and has to be heard to be believed. The track listing is brilliant and I can’t wait to get this on the turntable.
Is he a madman with unreasonably free access to facilities and people to make things like this or is he an utter genius who understands the nature of the human psyche and likes to twist our melons?
The comments on the page linked to above would suggest both.

I’ve got the whole weekend off and there’s a bastard hurricane coming in. What the hell man?


5 thoughts on “Shatner Rocks”

  1. Loved his last Album “Has Been” the last three tracks always make my favourites playlist. Hard to comment on the new one on the strength of one track but I’m looking forward to hearing “Planet Earth” and “Learning to Fly” he usually pulls something surprisingly good out of the bag.

  2. I’ve been a convert since I heard his version of rocket man. Genius.
    I managed to get a pass to go out this weekend, first chance for a month and said bastard hurricane arrives. It’s shite, but that’s Scotland fur ye!

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