Second Class Post

There’s been some subtle hints “…looking forward to seeing some of that camping up a mountain stuff again…”, then there’s been the straightforward “…so, if you’re not using your camping gear can I have it?”
Not to worry, if I’m not doing something it’s because I’m doing something else. But, it’s nice to be doing that stuff again. More later.


Not bad for a Monday morning.
Back to the tent for cuppas though. Had to melt some snow, no water left. That’s part of the fun though, isn’t it.
That’s the light spreading…
Where’s the tent gone… Aha!
Do we see any steam? I like steam, steam means cuppas.
Damn. No’ even melted yet.

17 thoughts on “Second Class Post”

  1. How cares about the gear as long as you’ve got what you need when you’ve got a place like that to yourself. :)

  2. It was marred by tragedy though, you’ve no idea how crestfallen I was when the pot hadn’t boiled when I went back to the tent.

  3. That’s not to bad. I’ve went for wander come back and the whole thing has blew over in the wind. Luckily nowhere near the tent! Had to start again. Gutted.

  4. You do look awfy tired right enough. Cracker of a view to wake up to, any idea of the temperature ….just to put me off giving it a try.

  5. Is that the worlds most expensive small tent? What do ya think of it. Are the subtitles for your new Facebook following, lol

  6. tookiebunten, I lost my freshly boiled soup into the heather once, I don’t think I ever recovered.

    Pat, it was only a few degrees below zero at dawn, and by the time I left the summit I was down to my base layer top. Go on, you know you have to…

    Coops, it is that tent indeed. I’ll do a preopr write up soon. There’s good and bad.

    Th subtitles are for anybody who lives more than a mile away from me :o)

  7. Aha, an unwatched kettle never boils either I see!

    Looks like a nice summit to be on by one’s self. I wish I could get oot with the camping gear. I’ve been getting oot ‘n aboot a decent amount since the start of this year but not camping yet. I was working last weekend and will be working again this weekend too! It’s pish having to work excessive amounts of overtime.

    Maybe the weekend after though.

  8. I’m sold but I’ll try it a little lower first.BTW those bags are the reason I camp solo ;o)

  9. Go high Pat, it’s physics (or geography?), sunsets and sunrises look different from the tops :o)

    Aye, solo camping it doesn’t matter how you look or how you smell.

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