Sea to Summit Micro McIII Down Sleeping Bag: First Look

I had this down for family camping until I used it, this is an interesting bit of kit. The Micro McIII is a down bag/quilt hybrid which makes it very versatile, it’s warm with a -2ºC rating which makes it properly usable and it compresses down as small as any comparably rated bag I’ve used. I’ll check the weight for the update, but the quoted 680g seems about right.

The shape is a tapered rectangle, a rectangle at an angle if you will, which makes for a nice quilt. A zip down the side makes it into a bag with a drawcord around one end to cinch into a footbox of sorts and a drawcorded flap to make a hood/pillow affair at the wider end.
As quilts go it’s well specced, as bags go it’s basic, but it’s comfy and warm and it doesn’t feel like it’s stuck halfway between two good ideas wishing it was just one. For travelling it’ll be great as it’s adaptable to any sleeping situation, alone or with company. Its packsize suits that as well as wild camping where it disappears in your pack.

It comes with nice storage and wash bags and the fabric is a good one for bare skin. I like different, more on this after the summer.

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