Screw You Hippy

Hanging on with all their might, regardless of the passage of time, like a 41 year old in a KISS t-shirt, the Scots Pine is a wonder.
It’s an eternal touch of green to diffuse the light and lift your spirits as you take the long walk out or it’s the silent bleached bones of history that speak so plainly of the mistakes of the past.
Outside of the weather, few things can tug on my heart strings so deftly on a hill day as the Scots Pine, be it uplifting or be it melancholy, it’s always a joy to listen.

The walk from Linn of Dee out past Derry Lodge is a joy, so many trees, and so many tall and healthy one too. The distances to the Cairngorm “peaks” from the access points is one of their strengths, you pass through a landscape, not climb immediately out of it.
I’ve been turning the trip over in my head since I got back and at times I’m kicking myself, metaphorically you understand, as I think of how many opportunities or great days I’ve missed east of the A9 in the past few years. But if I’d been there, I suppose I’d have missed the west coast sunsets then?
Maybe it’s just like I always say, it’s awfy big for such a wee country, hard to get round all of it.

12 thoughts on “Screw You Hippy”

  1. Lovely trees these :) You know, I think I could happily do without mountains, so long as I had woodland and streams to console me.

    Its a real shame there’s so little proper woodland left.

  2. The last wee video I did, I was sitting in the trees by the river with a cuppa at peace with the world and myself.
    The sounds, the smells, the atmosphere, maybe it’s just a feeling of the essence of life?

    There’s so much new planting going on, in 100 years it’ll be so different across Scotland. Freeze me now so I can see it :o)

    Just enough snow a few days before June to make me smile :o)

  3. Was camped at Derry lodge a week or so ago on the tgoc, first time through the cairngorms, thro’ the lairig ghru. I’ll definately be back at some point , magical :-)

  4. It went very well thanks Pete, a good time was had all the way across, good walking, good company.

  5. Well, the weather was pretty much spot on too, not too much to complain at at all really. I have rather a good tan to be honest :-)

  6. The Abernethy and Rothiemurchus area is just stunning, I’m thinking of heading up that direction next week! Or should I take a leaf out of your book and go west for a change?

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