15 thoughts on “Screen Test with Michael Rodd”

  1. Some of my dullest days in the hill have been accompanied by clear skies and unbroken sunshine. Here’s to the clouds!

  2. Nice one. Keep doing these wee ‘vlogs’ mate. They’re cool.

    We need to hook up and do a ‘ptc’ video I reckon. Always fancied a trip to the Arrochar Alps ;)

  3. Aye a bit cloud is great, i got cooked on Chabhair on Sunday and cooked again on Ben More and Stob Binnein on Monday.

  4. Cookin or freezin………I don’t mind just as long as I can see where I’m going :o)

    Re above do I detect just a tad disenchantment with things mechanical?

  5. terrybnd, you should do just that, the Arrochar Alps are magic.
    You’re good at that filming stuff, you’ll know how to subtitle me so folk know what the hell I’m saying :o)

    Gagfaz and Alan, it has indeed been an angry sun up there, that light drizzle as I went to the shop there was really rather nice.

    I have a complex relationship with mechanical things.

  6. Oh hell, yes. Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks and the animated Robin Hood featured heavily, I seem to recall. Simpler times :o)

  7. Who doesn’t remember Screen Test?! It was one of the only ways I got to watch things that were otherwise banned by my parents!

  8. I can understand that. My middle class parents let me watch Screen Test and Blue Peter but not How and Tizwaz!

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