11 thoughts on “Scottish Colloquialism cake-name Fail

  1. It was spotted in the Gretna services on the way back up the road last night.
    It did raise a wee smile from me, bobinson and the lassie behind the counter.
    It was very timely, the two of us were totally burst and in need of minor comic relief after a long day. KORS was great though, I liked the Vaude Lasercomp especially…

  2. ” I liked the Vaude Lasercomp especially”

    Mmm. Just when I thought the credit card was safe until springtime… That Scutum is a square hinger all right…

  3. It depends on well is stay tensioned I think. My red Lasercomp inner and fly have only ever been split once since it arrived.
    I know that they’re making some adjustments to the tensioning from the sample I saw (that’s why they wouldn’t give me it :o)).

  4. Who came up with the name scutum for a tent?
    Ptc*, if you can find a nice picture of a Roman tortoise formation, you’ll see lots of scutums!

  5. I think in Vaude’s German design office it probably sounded quite cool…
    I think they’re giving a new name for the UK/US though. I was going to suggest the Merkin UL.

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