13 thoughts on “Scary Monsters and Super Creeps”

  1. Blondie, that is my Rab Neutrino Endurance from two or three years ago. I just fancied a wee change :o)

    Pat, I always forget I can do wee videos. It’s kinda fun though, I’ll maybe do them more regularly when there’s something photogenic to take the bare look off the bloke with the beard.

  2. You sound a bit like Dougray Scott…

    …and look a bit like Doug Scott (in that jacket)

    What’s the red tent, by the way?

  3. David, I’m not sure if those references are good or bad, but my middle name is actually Scott…

    The red tent is Phil’s (bobinson) Haglofs thing, I can’t remember the name of it though. It’s heavy but it’s rock solid.

  4. Nice vid. I haven’t pitched in the dark since the night I was on Ben Lomond and you were in a hotel with a bike parked outside.

    I’m looking forward to reading about this one too!

  5. Ooh just read your Arc’teryx twit on the side there.

    One of my fave bits of kit thats been in my pack or on my hands on every trip since I popped into EB’s on the way to Skye last year is a pair of Arc’teryx power stretch gloves.

    Simple, great fabric, perfect cut and length. They make great kit.

  6. Adi, the camera is just stuck on the tripod and held out a bit. Phil pointed out that we would both get in the shot that way and it worked well.
    We really did just hang about all morning with mugs of coffee in our hands.

    BBF, I’m used to the laser design now, I could pitch one blindfold. It’s when I get something else there’s trouble!

    Arc’teryx, aye. It depends what they’ve got that I can actually test, they make samples in a size medium (as do TNF and Montane) and I’ll be a large I think.
    It’d be good though, I’m enjoying trying different stuff. I’ll have much to say on the Berghaus jacket soon!

  7. With their jackets, I’ve found medium to be plenty long enough, but sometimes a little snug, depending on how many layers I’d want underneath. I reckon you might be ok. I can recommend them too, though I’ve not got much else with which to compare them. Was up at the SYHA in Crianlarich last Easter and caught a miserable day; my Arc kept me pretty dry and was the only jacket in the drying room that was dry by morning – the rest seemed to still be wetted out to varying extents. At least that’s what I try to remind myself of whenever I see your photos of those lovely new OMM Event jackets.

  8. Ah, the lure of the next and new!
    I’m just the same, that’s why I like being able to stick that preview stuff on here :o)

  9. You’re very kind!

    I will do more we bits like this, it’s easier with the cxamera on the tripod, and will always keep it short!

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