Most of my photies are on film. It’s hell on wheels the thought of scanning them all in. But there is a lot of good stuff.

Here’s the Cobbler from March 2002. I was climbing Beinn Narnain in the late afternoon, it was warm, sunny and I descenced in the dark under clear skies and quickly spreading frost.

The second one is on Narnain’s summit plateau looking back towards Ben Ime. Smashing.

Yes, can we have that again please.



9 thoughts on “Scanning.”

  1. Very nice, very nice indeed – shame about the tiny little hair on the sky though ;)

    I’ve given up on scanning things in for the moment – I would have ground slowly onwards with the project for the next several years were it not for the fact that these guys are planning to offer their service internationally (Q40 in their FAQ):

    I’ve not found anyone to touch them for price and according to a review on Cool Tools ( they do what they say!

  2. I know, that hair is a bugger isn’t? I didn’t even see it until I’d posted here and on a forum.

    I’ll have a wee look at the link the noo.


  3. Looks golden eh?

    I just received my first ever “newsletter” from them so decided now was a good time to ask them when the “rest of world” might be able to use their service… I’ll let you know what they say.

  4. Good lad.
    It’s a worry though isn’t it? The whole sending away thing.
    It would be so good having everything scanned and handed back to you though.

  5. Yeah it certainly is a worry I must admit. I think for things that you simply can’t lose then you have to spend the time – no real choice. My mum and dad’s wedding album from 1954, the first set of SLR taken shots of the first trip to the Scottish Highlands, that kind of thing.

    But having spent an hour, /an hour!/, scanning in a single small album containing just thirty frames I decided that I had to draw the line. I love having them so amazingly easily available but I have other things I would prefer to do with my life!

    Admittedly I got more and more picky, wiping each one off to avoid those damn hairs and then salt & pepper filtering the scans before I saved – but hell scancafe apply a salt & pepper filter for you!

    I can’t wait until they make it available…

  6. From Scancafe Customer Service:

    “We don’t yet have a definitive date, however we hope to roll out this service sometime in 2008.”

    I’ll keep an eye on it and most certainly Blog it once I’ve tried it out. :)

  7. I was the same with a handful of prints. It just took forever to get through them.
    I still love having the prints though. In the old days picking up the prints and heading to a cafe in Glasgow to look through them was part of the ritual.
    All much more immediate now.

    And cheaper!

    Nice Blog btw :o)

  8. Thanks – likewise! Takes some effort eh? ;) Fun though.

    The change in the immediacy seems to have come none too soon for some people: I was in Dublin for a weekend about three years back and my brother and his fiancée dropped their films in to a one hour developer on the Sunday afternoon – so we could look at them on the plane. Of course we looked at them right there in the street. Whilst still in Dublin… which seemed kind of odd to me… :)

  9. I’ve tried looking for your email on here, mailing you from OM and guessing your email – no luck – maybe you could mail me so I stop filling up your comments! :) (Delete this if you fancy it – this is starting to look like a youtube comment thread ;)

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