Scanning II, Scan Harder

I’m probably about done with it. It’s too time consuming, the results are patchy and when I clean them up I’m starting to make them look like Looney Tunes might have drawn them. That also might be because it’s 0200hrs.

But I got some crackers tonight, I put most of them on photobucket at 500 pixels wide to use to brighten up the text on here. but there’s a couple I’m just desperate to see on a black background.

This is the approach to Ben Chonzie early on Hogmany 2003

Sitting somewhere round the back of Ben Lawers

The proof that Scotland isn’t all heather and mountains

I’ve been looking at cameras. The Ricoh’s are spoken of favourably, then there’s the familiar names. I don’t know, they’re all aluminium boxes with thick manuals that’ll annoy me and get tossed. I really have no interest in it at all. I love the photies, but I can’t be arsed with the camera. I imagine it’s how customers feel when I debate the relative merits of pipe systems with them, “Yes, yes, very interesting I’m sure Mr Macfarlane. But I really don’t give a monkeys, just make it warm/cold/pressurised”.

7 thoughts on “Scanning II, Scan Harder”

  1. You should be more open to new technology and methods. If you hadn`t stuck with film all that time, you wouldn`t be struggling now.
    There is a good article on accepting change on this website:
    entitled `Frustration`, if you need further guidance ;)

  2. shuttleworth I’m just waiting for technology to give me a point and click digital that reads my mind and takes the photo at the settings I’m thinking of. That’s proper progress :o)
    It’s funny, I never realised all that time when I was using film that my photies would ever be anything other than stored in a drawer and taken out now and again for a wee look.
    See, I’m learning…slowly…

    Caishnah, your are kind once again. I wonder if faffing about with a camera, setting up a shot properly will distract me from my usual quick snap and move on carefree approach?

  3. Hmmm. I dunno. On the on hand, you can greatly eliminate the disappointment of getting your snaps back only to find that one you took of that beautiful once in a lifetime place/sunset/event hasn’t come out but you definitely lose time by continually trying to better the shot (otherwise known as ‘fanny about’).

  4. I was the same way once… couldn’t be bothered with all the manuals and having to change one single setting was too much to be arsed with.

    Now I carry a lumping great DSLR (well, a relatively lumping small EOS 400D) and two lenses that each way twice what my girlfriend’s camera does and could be used to fend off wolf attacks if swung from some gear cord.

    I understand F-stops and depth of field. I even understand the difference between digital and film ISO.

    It’s a slippery slope!

    Get a nice Exlim or summat – they take cracking pictures at massive resolutions. Don’t look at DSLRs. Just don’t.

  5. That’s exactly it, all I need is yet another obsessive hobby…:o)

    I did get a new phone today, it’s that Cybershot SonyEricsson. Experience has taught me to have a backup of sorts, so that’s something upgraded anyway.

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