Same old thing, sort of.

Had a wander in the Kilpatricks with Bobinson, 14K of torchlit tracks and open hillside. Fun as always, even though the plot was to test some kit, that soon got forgotten and we just got on with the simple joy of one foot in front of the other on a deserted hill.

I was supposed to take some kit pictures, but that never happened either. Instead I was messing with long exposures to try and get something to turn out in the darkness. Wearing the Alpkit Gamma with the red and green bulbs led to some fannying about at 300m…

That’s the metal style over the fence at Loch Humphrey by torchlight and a 15 second exposure, just looks like Silent Hill to me.

Yes, we’re holding our breath, whispering…”Is that fifteen seconds yet?”

No fancy shit above either, I changed the colour on the torch and looked a bit to the left.

The lights of Dumbarton add a little distant fire to our spooky picnic spot.

Back to normality at Overtoun House.


12 thoughts on “Same old thing, sort of.”

  1. Ah, boys and their toys (he said jealously), you guys definitely have all the fun, and brilliant photos as always.

  2. The funny photies meant that I had to write this up (I usually try not to let this become “Kilpatricks World”). Nice wee jaunt right enough.

  3. Stunning!

    how you getting on with the camera then? ive been lookin at that one plus a few others as it seems a good alternative to lumping a digi slr around with me (if i was to buy one) and my current cam is on its last legs.

  4. It’s good fun Moggy, I’ve still not got to grips with half the settings, but for as a fancy point and click it’ll do me.
    My wee Nikon that I used until I got the LX3 dropped dead last month, so the timing ws very good indeed!

  5. i was lookin at some reviews for it the other day, seems to get alot of good notes.

    ill have to wait until my car has had its mot and service tho ;o(

  6. Das, it was factored into my bargaining position :o) It was all vital stuff, timing belt being #1 And I can’t believe how much a tyre is these days, new tyres should only have to be bought for mountain bikes…

    Moggy, that’s what credit cards are for “The BanK of Never Never Land” :o)

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