Salomon XT Wings, first look

These arrived this morning for test. They do look rather nice, and I’ll find out in due course what they’re like on the trail. The sole looks like it should be grippier than my usual XA Pros, the heel cup is well shaped and there’s enough mesh for them to be cool on the move and drain well when I’m bog hopping.

What’s interesting and quite heartening are the extreme differences between all the current models of trail running shoes I’ve got on test. You’d think that design could converge at some point as it’s realised that there is a single best way to go. But it’s definitely not the case.

8 thoughts on “Salomon XT Wings, first look”

  1. You’re worried by the width and thickness no doubt. You’re think road running shoe style horror?

    I’m seeing a very good offroad descending tool in the heel at the moment, we shall see.

  2. If they’re as good as the xa 3d pro’s,then there wont be a lot wrong with them.Just wonder how much grip there will be on wet grass or slimy mud…they do make ’em in some wicked colours though,even in an orange which is a nigh on perfect match for my osprey pack!…I feel a colour co-ordinated credit card assisted purchase coming on…oh no,not again!

  3. Aye, the XA Pro 3Ds are comfy like a pair of old slippers. I got used to the shallow tread as well and it’s never an issue.

    The Wings will be grippier, but how much I don’t know yet. Curse this good weather!

  4. I think the xa’s will be my first choice footwear this summer,got the xcr versions so will be using them in really crap weather too.

  5. I nearly wore mine on the WHW trip. Looking back I would have been fine as the snow wasn’t as bad as might have been.
    I wonder how my feet would have fared compared to the Keens.

    Oddly, since I came back my feet shed all the top layer of skin. All in one go. It’s as if they said “Right that layer is gubbed, lets get rid of it and use the new one”.

  6. Well,there I was minding my own business while wandering around Field and Trek this morning admiring all things new and shiny when that little demonic voice that lives in my my head kept telling me “go on,y’know you wanna try them on”…no,thought I,I’m only here on a recce,I aint givin’ mr. F and T any of my hard earned pennies today…”just give them a little try,just for curiosity” says the voice again,then my will weakened and I relented.”Hmmm,they’re awful comfy,very light too…and theres 20% off the price”
    The shop assistant smiled knowingly at me as I waxed lyrical about the pro’s and cons of super light footwear,yes,I probably dont need goretex linings in all my shoes,yes,they do fit very well thank you.
    Then the inevitable happened,my wallet levitated and then without thinking the words just came out…”err,yeah,ok I’ll have ’em”…shit,gear shop tourettes strikes again.Two minutes and £60 odd later I was walking down the street the unsuspecting owner of a new pair of XT wings(black and grey ones,the only colour they stock).
    Anyway,wore them out on a 7 mile circuit of my local hills earlier and shock horror…I ‘kin love ’em! super comfy,plenty of grip and cool feet,perfection.
    The XT’s are like RedBull for the feet…Salomon gives you wings!

  7. Ah, brillaint :o)

    I wore my Salomons for my trip earlier in the week. I had tracks and trails, grass, gravel, bog and scrambling of lovely abrasive rock. Brilliant all the way, only faltering on a couple of steps on some loose steep dirt.
    Boots are receding further towards the horizon all the time.

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