Rupert the Bear

The weather fitted his mood. It was one thing that was beyond him, it was its own master and played its own game by its own rules. He had often felt that it was laughing at him as it wrecked his plans and took none of the blame, but then took all the glory when it deigned to provide those perfect days when it would sit back and bask in the goodwill of the people far below.
Nine unfolded from his chair and shambled over to the radiator. It was turned all the way up and no matter how much he fumbled with the valve it wasn’t getting any hotter. He straightened as much as he could and started off back to his chair, biting at his chapped lower lip. He was run down, distracted, he was done.
The wind-blown snow began to gather on the window, but it didn’t melt and slide down, it stuck and began to cover and diffuse the patch of amber light. It was getting colder in here. He pulled in his feet and shrunk into his clothes and his chair.
He glanced at the clock once again.
His eyes shot to the now dim window. A shadow had moved across it, close up. A shadow distorted by the light’s angular journey from streetlight to pane, but still, shoulders and a head were unmistakable.
Why would… ? There’s nothing back there but… ?
He looked at the clock again, he held his breath, had he lost count of the days? Too soon, surely too soon?

6 thoughts on “Rupert the Bear”

  1. hi,great site..wonder which camera’s you have been using in the market for a new one but tied to currys or pc-world due to vouchers from warranty firm any thoughts??????? merry xmas from peter and oscar dog

  2. Ange, I know how it ends…

    Peter277, Seasons Greetings back at you two too!
    I use a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3, a great wee point and click camera. I’ve really enjoyed using it, and it’s about as complicated as I can handle :o)

  3. ..well?.. how does it end?! what happens to Nine?.. (cue the dramatic Ennio Morricone soundtrack music, then fading into Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni at the sad(?) ending)..

    btw –
    Happy Birthday! hope it’s a good one :o)

  4. Nonsense!

    Or am I only saying that as I don’t reach 40 until next year? Anyway, all the best people have a birthday today as my Mum says ;-)

    Hope the family is together to celebrate.

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