I gave that one above some serious consideration, but I keep wanting to fall sideways off my chair when I look at it, so I don’t think it’ll do at all.
The one below is much more sensible, and possibly more believeable.

In the olden days wizened auld wifies of the Hebrides would hunch over their weaving doodahs and do technical things (look, it’s 2am, I’m not researching this to get the right words, so hush now) with thread in the hope of making a pleasing sample of new tartan for the evil clan chieftan to hopefully approve of, or it was back to the cliffs to look for puffin eggs with nothing but a pair of clogs as protection for her and her family.
These days, you can just click on here or here and you’re a virtual weaver, just without the physical hardship and constant threat of violence or eviction. Or cattle rustling, well, I am a Macfarlane after all.

Anyway, I’m thinking of redecorating the place with one of these lovely purpley tartans that i spent simply ages designing.
Must be easier on the eye that all that orange.

18 thoughts on “Rumpelstiltskin”

  1. sbrt, I’m thinking Ventile and keeping it old style.

    Purple is indeed a tartan colour holycow, it’s the colour of our national flower after all.

    Aye Ange, #1 is a bit computery looking. And if you drop that e, it’s a word right enough :o)

  2. That tartan designer is smart. I’ve already designed two – one is green with yellow and pink – ugly. The other one was light blue, red, green – also ugly. I need to find the right balance of colours.
    I have an idea! (very rare these days so bear with me)… no powerstretch tartan in stock anywhere (this is not fact but mere supposition) but what about 16ct aida… not for a garment but a badge/emblem type thingy… I’m away to figure it out.

  3. Your no. 2 ptc is perfect balance of purple & orange I’d wear it.

    Will need to see what the Smith options are but suspect they’re boring but I shall have a combination of purple, red & orange as they are my colours after all :-)

  4. Ange, are you away to embroider tartan elbow patches or something?!

    Blondie, I might get a scarf done in that pattern you know :o)

    sbrt, if I coild get a tech top made in that pattern I would.
    Now just what would that look like…

  5. Embroidery – yes! Elbow patches – no! Think…. the Brownies or the Scouts (badges you sew on your uniform). Nearly done, need a motto too though?! :o)

  6. I just think of Ian Poulters golfing troosers when i see that first one, although the second one is good mate.

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