We have a few local favourites and over the last couple of years this stretch of the genuinely Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond has seen us exploring many times. It’s always rucksack and snacks though, don’t think we’ve ever just ran round. You’ve got to sit down, I mean what’s the point of going anywhere if you don’t stop to take in?

We could hardly believe our luck when the island was deserted and the water was low enough to let us sit on our wee mats and have dinner. The water was choppy, there was enough breeze to have us put on our jackets depsite the still warm sun.
The sound of the water and the rustling leaves was all we could hear until a wee boat passed us by with a family waving at us. They seemed amazed are where we were sitting, from a distance we must have been walking on water.

We went for a paddle, us and the Lego us. The water was warmer than the air that whistled past out bare knees. The pebbles are worn and round, the sand soft and the sensation on tired Friday feet is sublime.

The constantly changing water level gives nature opportunities and then takes them away. There are many tree stumps beyond the waters edge and the rotting wood is always home to something willing to take a chance.

The sun was low when we headed back and what clouds there were caught the warm peachy light lazily flowing from the west. No wild swimmers tonight which is unusual, it’s a favourite for these guys too.

The brash green is softening, there’s yellow and brown in there. I love autumn, but the arrival of the cold months this year brings worries to us all at home, but out here we’ll welcome it with open arms and buttoned jackets.

“It’s alright for you!” Linda often says when I’ve put something useful or commonly used on a high shelf and my usual reply is something about everything has its advantages, you can get into the bottom of the fridge easier than I can etc
Here though I think I can finally see what it’s like to be four foot eleven and following me through the scenery.

Poor wee bugger.

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