Rosebud the Mouse

In some ways I’ve caught up with myself, in other ways my fingers are in my ears. Easy to trip over a shoelace doing that.
However, there was the family bike ride where swans loomed large, a cake related incident, the realisation that expansion bellows were the only solution and there was hell to pay for letting the tank run so low.
The hair went away once more, the girls liked it, then didn’t, and I got bored of using hair putty again very quickly. Shorn for action is way easier. Especially as summer is here, what the hell man?
I wonder if it’ll be as clear as it is now at the coming full moon? I’m going very near here again in the next couple of weeks and I would happily eat one of many hats to have that stuff again. Not one with a skip on it though, that’s just no use at all.
And so to bed, for tomorrow I’ll be in The Lakes. Hills? Don’t be daft.

5 thoughts on “Rosebud the Mouse”

  1. I was going to take a picture of that down here where I live in Surrey.. But then I just sat in the window with the binos and got lost for a few minutes looking at the craters on the moon’s surface. Amazing.

    I think one is Venus and the other Mercury – (and one is the moon). Any better ideas?

  2. Venus and Jupiter if that’s a couple of weeks back – Mars was just visible too up above for a while. Been some cracking skies lately.

  3. I took the photie last night and it’s much the same tonight, loving this weather. Watched the sunset on the M74 comimng back from the Lakes though. Humph. Nice vist to North Face HQ though.

    Jupiter and Venus sounds right I think?

  4. Hell yeah! Got a bunch of kit in and got photies of more, it’ll go up next week.
    I take a medium in TNF which makes me very happy :o)

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