They’re an inconvenience, you’re in a hurry, oh the queues, why must they..etc etc etc.

Aye very good. So you speed through at 70+ regardless of the 40 or 50 speed limit, because that’s yet another inconvenience. And anyway, you can drive your car better than everybody else so you’ll be fine. Indeed. That’s what every other arsehole in the cars around you is thinking. This is the attitude that kills so many road workers in this country.

The speed limit’s not for you to feel like you’re sticking it to the man when you ignore it, it’s to protect the workers if some stoopid drops the ball and sends a ton of spinning wheeled metal and shrieking human into them while they’re digging a hole in the tarmac with ear defenders on.

I did a lot of miles today and there’s a lot of roadworks, time and time again I saw a Hi-Viz vest blown in the wind as some dick flies by the wearer at high speed without a care or a thought in their head, never mind a moment for the poor sods by the roadside.

It’s not right.

5 thoughts on “Roadworks”

  1. Yeh, its astonishing that they are willing to kill someone just to shave 40 seconds off their journey time….. feckers!

  2. Feckers, indeed. I hold some vitriol in reserve for the fud’s who, on seeing a “merge in lane” sign, leave it ’til the last minute before cutting in, causing we conformists to hit the brakes and slow the traffic down still further. Bless the HGV driver’s rolling roadblock which bars their progress.

  3. Hey guys.

    Driving is a high stress arena, and I hate it. Years ago I used to get sucked into it and do all the grimacing, gesticulating, tailgating, pulling off wingmirrors and the like. In fact there’s a posts worth of amusing incidents there…
    Now I actively avoid it by not leaving the office until after rush hour.

    We used to have a truck and a van done up in company colours and they were a common site on the M8, approaching roadworks two abreast screwing over queue jumpers :o)

  4. Aye, gone are the days when I wished for front & rear mounted .50cal machine guns on my commuter-mobile. Now, I let the organ donors get on with it and hope they don’t take anybody with them. I still occasionally slow down for tail-gaters tho’ :o)

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