I looked at the file and it was huge, like a mixing bowl full to the top of Weetabix with the gaps filled with yogurt. Or maybe carrot sticks. My bare feet were getting a little cold, although my tea was nice and hot. I ventured that such a situation could lead to a debilitating ague, but there was little in the way of medical (to heat the feet) or bakery (to cool the tea) assistance forthcoming to render an equilibrium.
I closed the file and sat back. Not tonight.

15 thoughts on “Rescue”

  1. You lucky “person” looks like a different world up their pal and i am seriously jealous as i am sat here with severe sciatica as an old back prob has flared up due to this never ending dampness. Hopefully we might see a bit of snow in the lakes soon.

  2. That’s a bugger coops. The fella that does my electrics has the same problem and we’ve had to shunt all our installation work to January.

    Anyway, the weather man says that it’ll Siberia over here in a week!

  3. Sometines you make your own luck I think, good on ya, looking forward to the TR and more special photies…

  4. Checked the weather for the next week this morning as I was planning a camp this weekend up north – not so sure now! Forecast is -7 at sea level.

  5. I’d call you a lucky beggar, but let’s be honest, you’ve got to be out there to catch the conditions and you seem to manage it more often than not – well done mate.

    BTW – the biscuits are going fast!

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