Remixed the tune from the “The Bells…” post a bit below at the studio today, it’s very different at the start and pretty different the rest of the way through.
I’m much happier with this version, clearer, heavier, louder.
Windows Movie Maker destroys everything audio it touches so it’s debateable how much it’ll be noticable right enough.

11 thoughts on “Remix”

  1. If you aren’t that bothered about moving pics to accompany the music, have you considered ‘Soundcloud’ as an alternative?

  2. Had a look at that, I like the idea of it. I’ll have a go I think.
    I started making an Animoto thing for it too and ran out of photies.

  3. Better.

    Go on, bring the soloing up a bit, it’s wah-tastic.

    Just spent 10 minutes jamming all over it. Never thought shopping for outdoor gear would involve having to get a Les Paul out.

  4. Thank you for those kind words :o)

    My lead playing is where it belongs, under huge fat detuned rhythym guitars! Jamming with that must be very odd in standard tuning?

    Google’s had Les Paul guitar themed search pages today bless them.

    1. I’ll check that out. It’s a nightmare when you don’t know what to look for, so this is really helpful.
      The most vidoe stuff I do is my 30 second long talking to camera crap :o)

  5. I’ve used Sony Vegas in the past which seemed to have everything but the kitchen sink.

    Who says I was in standard tuning? (I was though).
    It’s mostly split between B mixolydian and B aeolian or if you like you can think of it as E major and D major. Anyway, I enjoyed myself, keep ’em coming.

    Your lead playing reminds me of the guy from Soundgarden. Hope that’s not an insult!

  6. My neighbour is a video & sound engineer if you want any assistance. Should have actually mentioned this ages ago mate thinking about it.

  7. Gypsymac, that’s proper music talk that is!
    Tha Soundgarden thing’s fair enough I think, it’s the Sabbath/Budgie thing with modern amounts of gain I suppose. I don’t palm mute as much either these days either, so that fits in there too.

    Hmm, next track must have some palm muted riffing :o)

    Coops, this is the good thing about the ‘net, everybody know somebody.
    I might do some more remixing yet, then maybe something better to along with it might be nice.

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