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Went to see Gary Numan last night. I’ve seen him uncountable times over the years and he’s rarely anything but excellent, but the lack of any real new material for a few years and the careless renditions of some of the older material in recent shows had Craig and I a wee bit apprehensive as we watched a bunch of Welsh blokes who sounded like a cross between The Mission, Fear Factory and Depeche Mode finishing their support set.

The Glasgow ABC wasn’t that busy when we went in, economics or Numan’s second coming having faded was the question we were pondering, but luckily it did fill up pretty well by showtime. A showtime which initially was all dry ice and a tape of the instrumental track that opens the new album, figures wandered through the brightly lit smoke and after a silent pause launched into Down in the Park from an album I bought when I was at primary school.
The sound was perfect, the song was played like they’d gone back and listened to the record and there were grins from the two old bald guys near the back.

The set was a mix of new album and more recent stuff, so a lot of dense industrial tunes which if I’m honest can sound a little samey, but interspersed all the way with old tunes from the first four albums, all of which were played with care and sounded the best they’d done in years. They even played Cars at the right speed instead of rushing through it to get it over with.

I got the tickets from habit, wandered up to the show because I had the ticket and was pleasantly surprised. Numan is relaxed and full of energy, his voice is excellent and the current band play a blinder.

5 thoughts on “Remastered Reissued”

  1. Cool! For some reason I didnt expect a rocker like yourself to like his stuff.

    I went to see him live in the pvc jump-suited 80s, one of his first comebacks.

    Mr Numan is now leaving the drunken violent Britain and is heading for Santa Moica.

    He feels he can no longer live in the idyllic Suffolk countryside.

  2. Aye, read about that. He’s a sensitive boy.

    Replicas was one of the first records I ever bought, still on my iPod now. Sits well with all the metal I think. And the 60 Canned Heat songs…

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