Reduce time for fan-assisted ovens

It’s been a while since I was on a trip that consisted of more than a brace of campers. In fact, the last time was when a trio of us set off for Glen Affric and came back in the pissing wet after an hour of miserable trudging down the track.
But, as it stands just now, there will four of us heading to Loch Quoich tomorrow to do a thing. There will be some hiking and camping after dark as we’ll be leaving late (not my doing for once, it’s “circumstances”) and hopefully much sitting around with cuppas with banter aplenty.
I don’t want to jinx the trip, but after the last trip I’m kinda looking forward to seeing a sunrise, doesn’t have to be spectacular or clear, just cheerful.
It’s going to be tent-tastic as well, I’m taking a few. Although I’m sorely tempted to take a bivy bag, not the Three-Wire, an old school body-bag type. I’ve got a cave-sleeping thing coming up and I really should re-acquaint myself with the horrors of a bivy, or maybe it’ll just make me sad? Ach, I’ll probably crap out of it and take a tent.
I should be fun, I wonder who snores the loudest?

It’ll be nice to get away from this damned infernal lightbox. I’ve been doing quotations all week and my head it melted.
I hope I get some of the work or I’ll be somewhat disappointed.

4 thoughts on “Reduce time for fan-assisted ovens”

  1. Have a gud un the forecast looks great.

    I’ve gotta work tomorrow and get a rather strange whirrrrrrrring noise sorted out on my car on monday . By tuesday it’ll be raining again and i’ll be headbutting my monitor after reading your next trip report!

  2. I never get noises in the motor sorted, I just let the new ones that appear drown them out :o)

    It looks good, aye. Looking forward to it. Where’s that suncream…

  3. Have a good trip but mind nae stunts or injuries, you need to be fully fit for Wednesday biking!! :o)

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