Rear Window

I’ve often spoken about the joys of working in churches. Old buildings in general are more fun to work in, there’s always surprises and the workmanship isn’t always better than today’s more Lego base style of construction, but their bodges were done with much more style and I’ve found cut corners that have been holding fast for 400 hundred years.

While wandering around seeing what pipes were heating and which ones weren’t I had time to lean on a pew and enjoy my cuppa in the big empty building. Not even the kids groups were on today, Jimmy and the three electricians (it’s winter remember, in bad weather they band together and hunt in packs) were gone and I was glad of the peace.

Reading the posters and notices is always a gap filler but stained glass windows are better, especially if you can get up close. The work on old ones is so detailed, glass carefully cut, painted or scored and all  stuck together with precarious web of lead.
I loved the wee section above, almost hidden a big heraldic crest in a big central panel, looks just like a tattoo. Below is a wee cross hidden in a corner made with a few brush strokes nearly two hundred years old.

Of course, that just made me think of Black Sabbath, the gig is now less than two weeks away. I’m finding it hard to concentrate on other stuff now, so although I was about to review a bunch of awesome Fjallraven kit, I might be reviewing the decline in screen printing quality over the years which is glaringly obvious in my Sabbath Bloody Sabbath t-shirt collection instead.

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