Real Food Cafe, Extended Directors Cut

Regular listeners will know that I have a soft spot for the Real Food Cafe in Tyndrum. It’s been a haven, a saviour and a joy many times over.
When we were in today, Sarah (below) and the staff were in full flight getting the new extension ready for its opening tonight. It has leather couches, nice new tables and chairs on a tiled floor and most importantly a big log fire which was fired up in readiness for it’s starring role in the idyllic chip eating atmoshere that was to come.
I think it’s magic, and i wish them well.
There is going to be fights for places on those couches in front of the fire…

7 thoughts on “Real Food Cafe, Extended Directors Cut”

  1. Great news :-)

    We’re up that way soon and will be in to test it out. Good luck with the new set up Sarah & Team

    Pity there aint a Real Food Cafe at the bottom of every hill

  2. Aye bless ’em.
    I’m going to wear a Petesy shaped dent in those couches over the next few weeks with the amount of trips coming up.
    Oh, the hardship…

  3. It’s gonna be some time before I get to test it, but it was looking good a fortnight ago when it was *almost* ready to go!

  4. Ach, BBF gets there when you can sit in it!

    Kate, it’ll extr a comfy and worn-in by the time you get back up :o)

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