I have long campaigned for more skulls to be applied to outdoor gear. And stars.
If we can’t have proper colours, them we should at least have decorations that look good.

The first step in the right direction has come from Sigg, and they have with one stroke hit all my personal markers with this one product. It’s a variation of their brilliant oval shaped bottle, it’s retro, you can’t lose the lid, and not only does it have a skull on it, it’s the “King of Skulls”.

Santa has been informed that if I don’t find one of these under the tree on Christmas morning (or on my birthday just before, but the 25th’s a deadline) it won’t be Turkey we’ll be still eating on Boxing Day, it’ll be Donner and Blitzen. And Rudolf.

2 thoughts on “Rattlehead”

  1. I was utterly crushed when I realised that these were so wee. Sigg Oval-sized, that’s what we want.

    Speaking of desireable objects, I’ve got a limited edition Purple Zippo here. It’s no’ mine but I want it. I may turn to crime just to have it.

  2. I know, but hopefully being that wee they won’t fall out of the mesh pockets in my Mountain Mover. Hmm.

    I’m hopeful that is just the start, skulls on bigger bottles, then baselayers, waterproofs…

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