Random titles just aren’t coming to me this week

We missed the Dumbarton fireworks on Monday because one of us was on Ben Lomond and another one of us forgot they were on that night anyway. But, just up the road Clydebank were having their fireworks in Dalmuir Park actually on the 5th which seems to be a little unusual, so we set our sights on that.
Amazingly for us we were on time, early enough to get chips and juice from the chippy then wander into the park and pick a good spot. It was well attended, the rain started and then changed its mind and we had clear dark skies for the show.
I had the camera on it’s tripod pointed at the flashy bit above the park and absent mindedly clicked away without even looking as the three of us gazed upwards with accompanying oohs and ahs. A visit to the ice cream van on the way back for tubs with a flake for the girls and a nougat for dad rounded out a lovely wee night.
Can’t pick a favourite, so here’s most of them. Bless my wee camera and it’s happiness in the dark.

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