Racing Pigeon Pitstop

I’m sorting out the tools, none of which are in the right boxes, bags of fittings and burst boxes of screws when I saw this wee bugger wander up. Obviously tame, it had a peck about the ground and then moved onto my shoes so we got it some of the stuff from the bird table and from then on it was our best friend. It had a ring on its leg, so it must have been refueling and resting during a race. Joycee and Holly appearded as well and Holly was quite taken by it. And probably wanted to test it for teething relief potential.

It ate, drank and then went for a kip for an hour while I watched for the neighbours cat. Anyway, I was totally distracted and consequently I’m finishing up the tools this morning. Here it is on YouTube.

4 thoughts on “Racing Pigeon Pitstop”

  1. Refueling isn’t the word, he is so chubby looking I think you better check the pantry as you may be missing a bit of food.

  2. talking of reluctant, how interested were you on the sorting of the tools, that you gladly took time out to film a pigeon walking around and load it up on youtube?

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