Rab Super Dru eVent Jacket

I tried on a 2010 Super Druat the KORS trade show and immediately tried to remember why I’d sold my original on ebay.
It’s a lightweight mountain jacket, cut from the king of waterproof membrane’s: eVent. We have three chest pockets, the centre one of which is huge, a multi adjustable and roll-away protective hood and there’s good length on the body and arms. The fabric is in two flavours, the abrasion resistant grey panels and the lighter, more breathable orange. The new eVent fabric is much better looking too, no shininess in evidence here at all.
It looks and feels like a winter jacket to me despite its weight (400g), there’s room for a decent midlayer, and there’s a snugness about when you wear it and batten down the hatches. Mobility is great, the pocket access is clear from hipbelt (I should say harness as well, but with me these days it’s unlikely…) and all the adjusters are glove friendly, including the chunky zip-pulls.
It hits all the classic feature markers for a winter jacket, but its got low weight and good looks too. I’ll be getting this out and about rigt away. Hey, it’s the weather for it.
More in a bit.

12 thoughts on “Rab Super Dru eVent Jacket”

  1. Midlayers this winter are split between powerstretch and heavyweight merino. Experience tells me that both of those will task the condensation handling powers of any shell jacket, we shall see.
    I should really have it ouside right now!

  2. It looks very good. Even Steve likes the look of it ;-)

    So how can we tell the difference between the old and the new version?

  3. Aesthetics, the old (current) version has black zips and the shiny face fabric, the 2010 version has the colour coded zips and a matt fabric. The new logo is less fussy too, it’s a simple embroidery.
    I don’t think any of these changes are on this winter’s models.
    I’m sure the hood’s different to my original too, but not in a major way, just tweaked?

    Steve thinking of trading in :o)

  4. Ooh, you’ll be lucky. Mind you, any left should be going cheap.
    Have a look over the Halo as well, I think it’s way better than the Super Fly.

    You know, all this talk just has we wanting to stand in a blizzard with my hood up.

  5. in a previous article, i think you indicated that the 2010 version of the superdru was going up to 450g?

  6. I was reading from the Rab workbook last time, this time was from my inaccurate kitched scales, when I do my update review I’ll use my proper digital scale which I keep fotrgetting to bring back from my workshop!

  7. just got one of these for christmas in that lovely juicy red colour. got it at the rab sale a few weeks back…bargain, used it today, quite impressed so far.

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