Rab Neutrino 200 Lightweight Down bag

It’s been I while since I had a Rab sleeping bag on test, the Quantum Top Bag AR. So, I’m pleased see that just in is the the new Neutrino 200, very much in the lightweight bracket and part of the all-new Rab sleeping bag line-up.

It’s a cheery looking bugger in that bright yellow tapered mummy shape, the yellow being made of the new matt finish Pertex Quantum, as is the inner. A nice fabric to sleep in, I appreciate that stuff at my time of life.
There’s a half-length, double-slider zip with anti-snag strip and Primaloft filled draught baffle, an inner shoulder baffle with adjustment, simple drawcorded hood with a velcro tab to keep the zip zipped and hanging loops on the foot. There’s a cotton stuff sack and a compression dry bag, the roll-down type.
The baffles are angled, which you can feel, and it does loft very well with it’s 800 fill 90/10 goose down. The foot box has that currently popular shape for toe pointing back-sleepers, which I do take advantage of at times, but more importantly, the foot area is fat with down.
The bag features “proportionally assigned differential cut” (read here), which along with all the other new design elements, really means that Rab have become über-geeks and have done the numbers to get all the bags as close to being perfect insulators as the numbers say they should be.
What will all this mean to the grinning man in a tent? We’ll see, the fit is fine for length, and I can stick my elbows out and waggle my feet.
More later.

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