Rab Cirrus Pertex Quantum Windshirt

Rabused to make some cracking lightweight windshirts from Pertex Quantum and Microlight, and next year sees them them coming back with new models. Above we have the Cirrus windshirt in Pertex Quantum.
It’s frighteningly light and small packing, has long arms, a drop tail and a high collar. Adjustments come from drawcords in the collar and the rear on the hem which pulled in keeps the front flat, which is a neat idea.
The new Pertex fabrics are great, better looking and lighter. The Quantum fabric here is soft, quiet and has a silky-matt finish so it looks good as well, no multi coloured bin-liners here.
I’ve worn this a few times now and I love it, it fits my shape very well, has great articulation and it doesn’t seem to ride up through a pack hipbelt.
It’s early days, but I can see me using this a lot so I’ll come back and see how it survives the winter.

10 thoughts on “Rab Cirrus Pertex Quantum Windshirt”

  1. And there was me thinking they’d gone forever. I’ve worn the old version a lot and there’s no sign of any wear’n’tear yet. I like the matt look of this one tho’. Nice colour.

    See me and windshirts? Jesus. :o(

  2. I think its lemongrass the colour? No idea if that’s a standard colour, no doubt the shops will want red, blue and black.
    The matt fabric is really nice, and like you say it’s stronger than it looks. Quantum I’ve found has great abrasion resistance, but piss poor puncture resistance (the exploding down gilet is etched in my memory). Not a problem on a windshirt. Of which of course, we need many :o)

  3. I’ll rescue my scales from the workshop today Hendrik and find out the weight. Definitely less than the Featherlite, but it’s a different fabric, Quantum to the Featherlite’s Microlite.
    I think the choice between the two would be fit more than features, the Rab does fit me better though.

  4. I haven’t been able to get far enough away from the bed or bathroom this week to get the scales… until now :o)

    In the green corner I give you the Lightweight Champion of the World, the Rab Cirrus Windshirt, weighing in at 76g!

    With its long arms and body, high collar and half length zip, there’re can’t be anything out there to match it without compromises in design or materials?

  5. Thanks Peter! The Norrona Windshirt is advertised as 80 g, but I really haven’t weighted it myself. Anyhow. I think I need one of those Rab shirts. Good stuff.

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