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I was on OM there and I posted a comment which I then realised summed up exactly where I’m at with this lightweight thing. So I don’t forget it, I’ll stick it on here.

Lightweight is an odd thing and people spend way too much time on debating it’s degrees and who does it better. To me it’s about losing faff, taking only what I need, moving freely and staying comfortable.

Fanatically shaving grams off and weighing your spare socks is the equivalent of car collectors taking fluff off their seat covers with little bits of sellotape.

That’s the point at which you lose sight of the joy of doing the activity or pastime and become an obsessive, concentrating on the methodology and equipment.

And that’s rubbish.

I love gear. I love what’s coming next. I love that some folk are clever and producing stuff just a little bit beyond what you were just thinking that you needed. But it’s just a set of tools, not the ends in itself.

But, if I want to cut straight I’ll put a new blade in my hacksaw.

6 thoughts on “Quoting Myself”

  1. Thats what I like to hear – a pragmatic, common sense approach to banging the lightweight drum. Not just lightweight for weights sake but for genuine innovation in other areas as well.

    I can no longer be bothered reading a certain outdoor magazine anymore because of their ‘if its not lighter than helium then its not worth having’ type of attitude.

    As you so rightly state it should only be a means to an end, i.e. adding to the enjoyment of being out there, and not obsessing about how much lighter your underpants would be if you removed the elastic.

    Damn, those Icebugs look cool!

  2. Very much agree – the gram shaving is quite fun as a once off exercise to go through your existing kit when you “see the light(weight)” but when you find yourself wasting an hour of your life trying to work out how to shave ten more grams of something it’s gone wrong (who me? ;)

    It’s great when you get the pay off. Last Saturday we ambled 20K in the Peak District in proper torrential rain and some snow. The kind of day that water gets into every inch of you. But apart from chilly hands and feet we were dry and warm and, more’s to the point, we weren’t carrying anything like as much weight as we were a couple of years back and were certainly drier into the bargain.

    Someone we walked with, who perhaps wasn’t as comfy, was very interested to know about the kit we were using…

  3. I’ve done the same, worked out how to lose weight all over, a bit from here and a bit from there. It’s always without losing performance if I can though.
    There’s a line of comfort and practicality I won’t cross knowingly.

    There seems to be an “elitism” about it that really annoys me, “My pack is lighter, yes I am the clever one…”. The concept and principles are for everybody to discover, practise and enjoy. I think there are so many up their own arses with the subject it just puts folk off, and that’s all wrong.
    That’s why the Trail column has been so important for me to put the ideas across without preaching, without patronising and with a wee bit of humour (hopefully…).

    As I’ve said a million times, it’s all about spreading the joy :o)

  4. Thats exactly how the Trail column comes across PTC, the only thing wrong with it is they dont give you enough column inches, this subject deserves a full page every month for my money.

    Looking forward to seeing new kit reviewed on here though, the timing couldnt have been much better after seeing their new forum format – its a bit all over the place at the moment, not keen to visit it as often unless they can tidy it up a bit.

  5. Cheers :o) It would be so easy for me to fill the whole mag every month, I had to edit from 2500 words down to 320 recently.
    They seem like a good bunch at Trail, and they’ve not all necessarily lightweight unfriendly either.
    It’s a good way for them to test the water with me, a dispensible nobody as it were.
    If their wee experiment with covering lightweight doesn’t work they can take me into the alley and have me shot. If it does work they can take me into the alley and have me shot and get a proper journalist to do it without the risks. Oh you cynic Petesy :o)

    Oh, the new forum….I’ve tried, I really have. It’s utterly horrendous.
    I’ll need to wait until they fix it before I use it regularly again.

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