Quickie #8 Crocs

I know I’m maybe doggy-paddling slowly after the initial wave of interest in Crocs, but when the opportunity to test some came up I thought about all the applications for them and they seemed like a good idea. They’re bothy and youth hostel shoes, river crossing shoes, campsite shoes, beach shoes…I would normally wear my aging Merrell sandals for such things, but the Croc Baya’s that came through don’t absorb water and weigh absolutely nothing. So I’ll carry them about now that warmer seasons are here and see what the score is.
Now, I did ask for purple or orange, but the only samples available in my size were in white. This works for me as I might occasionally feel like a scientist or an astronaut, but most of the time when I’ve got these on I’ll feel like a stormtrooper.

27 thoughts on “Quickie #8 Crocs”

  1. Hmmm – how “absolutely” is the nothing that they weigh in grams?

    I bet they’ll be more than I’ll be wearing as hut-sandals but that’s another posting ;)

  2. I was Croc-sceptical for a long time. Then I bought a pair and now I wear them everyday. Bloody marvellous on cold hytte floors in the winter.

    I also have an inkling what Red Yeti has up his sleeves/trouser leg and it’s also probably inappropriately white in colour that will get all muddy.

  3. Crocs? Light maybe, but oh, the bulk!! ;)

    Noy tried any yet but I am always on the lookout for spare camp/hut footwear ideas. Mind, on any longer trip I’d be quite keen to take the X-talon 212s so I had something ‘mountain-ready’ (on standby for when the first choice Inov8s fall apart, y’know! ;O)

  4. Ach aye, Tyvek clean-room shoes. I have a them in blue also :o)
    It’s a good idea as long as you’re careful where you’re standing…

  5. Ouch!
    Mind you, a boiler repair expert would be much more warmly received on my doorstep today than a jedi knight!

  6. Dunno – a jedi knight might be able to use The Force to fix an old boiler for less than the £3000 replacement cost.

    “Been repaired, the boiler has. Hmmmmmm”

    (Not that I’m bitter or anything)

  7. I’ll let you know tomorrow, DavidG – you’ve now got me worried that my kit budget could become a budget deficit!
    Fame clearly marked him out, ptc* ;-)

  8. Update – the boiler man came, glared at the boiler, and it sprang into life. It did also get its annual service and safety check, mind, which can’t be a bad thing; the fan for starters is much happier after lubrication!

  9. Good job, I like an engineer that’ll fix rather than replace.
    I hope you had the requisite amount of tea, biscuits and banter.

  10. The workies always get tea and biscuits in this hoose. The grumpy carpet fitters were changed men after a couple of chunky KitKats and some home made caramel shortcake.

    I have a deep, and possibly irrational, loathing of crocs btw. I’m no’ sure where it comes from but it’s there. Was it the 70’s when clogs made a comeback? It probably stems from then.


  11. Ye see. in my twisted imagination, everything from the 70’s was good.
    Like underpants with photo-realistic sci-fi scenes printed on them.

  12. Always thought crocs were very nerdy and hippy looking, but did buy a pair of the £3 imitation variety and they are great for wearing around campsite etc.

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