Quickie #7 Inov8

The Roclite 288’s, worlds lightest boots? Aye, they are that. I’ve been dragging these around the hills for the past three months and have been most surprised. There was a first look at them on LFTO and a Used & Abused on them in Trail where I spill the beans. But, they’re not done yet.
I fully intend to destoy these. But they’re resisting hard.

More later.

16 thoughts on “Quickie #7 Inov8”

  1. I hear very mixed things on these. I hear that they’re all floppy and don’t seem to fit like the rest of the range. And yet also I hear they’re marvellous.

    I very much hope they’re marvellous. I can see a pair being with me next winter. The Montanes just feel too clunky.

  2. They do look like they are ready to just fall apart on you. I will look out for the long term use report you will hopefully post when they do fall apart. Marvellous would be good.

  3. They’re a lot tougher than they look, but they are just a reinforced GTX sock, so fit is vital.
    The grip is brilliant, and although they’ve got a highish cuff, they’re closer to that bare-foot feeling that any other Inov8 I’ve tried, including the X-talon 212.
    Also, these are an 8 1/2 and my usual is a 43/44 depending on brand.

  4. When`s this shoe going to be available? It`s not on Inov8`s site. I`d love to try a pair when they come out in the States.

  5. I wish Inov8 could make a similar lightweight boot without Goretex, like the Roclite 370.

  6. That’s a funny thing, because they upper is so minimal, they don’t feel waterproof. The breathability is outstanding and my feet get cold in water and bog just like they do in mesh trail shoes.
    It might become an issue over the summer, I’ll update about that if it does. But as it stands, I don’t think it’s an issue.

  7. Actually Inov8 are going to make an even lighter boot, that could propably replace Roclite 370, the X-Talon 240.

  8. Ah, that was the page I couldn’t find to link to, magic!
    That was the first look of the test I did, and the update was in last months magazine.
    The X-Talon 240 looks interesting, I wonder how long they’ll last on the trail!

  9. These boots were a total disappointment for me. Although they have the sticky rubber outsole, they are very slippery on wet rock, their waterproofness is questionable, they get moist vey easily, and after using them for a 3 day hike i have a terrible pain in my right ankle.

  10. That’s a bummer.
    One of mine lets in water now as well. I suppose footwear is the one thing that you can research and plan for, but until you’ve done the miles you never really know how it will work out.

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