Quickie #6 Crux

I’ve had the Halo down pullover on test for about four months now, and there was an initial report on LFTO.

Since then I’ve carried and used it quite a bit as it’s so light and packable. The down loss through the seams has slowed down quite a bit and my worries about that aspect design have been soothed as time’s gone on.
Wearing it closer to the skin than most down gear means it’s going to have to get laundered sooner than later, and that’ll be interesting. It’ll either come out fine as there’s not enough down to clump badly or it’s be a cardboard jumper as there’s not enough space for the down to fluff itself up as it dries.

We’ll see, it’s plenty light for carrying for camp and rest stops in warmer weather so I’ll get it on a few more trips before I risk washing it.

3 thoughts on “Quickie #6 Crux”

  1. I’m surprised there was any down left in it after four months he way it was leaking that day in the Glencoe Cafe! You looked like you had just had a fight with several canadian geese!

  2. I know, every time I moved or sat down there was a little cloud of down around me.
    It still causes me pause for thought the whole design, I’ll make my mind up properly at some point?!

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