Quickie #4 Keen

I’ve been using Keen’s Oregon PCT’s for some months with crampons, snow shoes, through bog and manky horror of all sorts.
They’re a boot for boot haters as the ankle cuff is low and super flexible, but now their stiffest test has come; it’s not winter anymore.
These have been issue free, but remember the hoohah about waterproof boots not being hotter? It’s time I refreshed my point of reference on that one.
This and more Keen coming soon. Ish.

6 thoughts on “Quickie #4 Keen”

  1. For what it’s worth I think you’re on the money with the hot boots thang. I happily use boots with membrane in the summer. Might of course be that my feet are hot and sweaty by default.

  2. That was the outcome of the tests, that it doesn’t make a difference.
    I’ve several pairs of waterproof mids on the go just now, so I’ll see what happens. Socks’ll be a big part of it as well I suppose.

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